We Need Your Support

My name is Mark Swanepoel, I am the director and CEO of Cigno.

Firstly, I personally thank you for choosing to use Cigno.

We need your support now more than ever - for our survival and so that you have a resource in a time of need.

You may or may not be aware that ASIC has recently released a consultation paper seeking submissions regarding our services and those of the lender, BHF solutions.

The reason for these submissions is that ASIC intends to use its product intervention powers to stop Cigno from offering you its service.

As with most things in life there are two sides to every story. ASIC and the mainstream media claim we prey on the vulnerable and less sophisticated, charging all our customers exorbitant fees and exploiting the very people we claim to be helping.

The reality is that ASIC, the government regulator, have formed their view based on a very small percentage of our customers. To meet their agenda, they have in most cases used clients that have paid back nothing, been charged for defaults and are looking for an easy way to get something for nothing.

We have a situation where a government regulator wants to control your decision making based on what they believe is best, and will skew information to reach that objective. We also have the mainstream media who are always looking for a sensational headline to get readership or viewership and push a certain political agenda.

We are fighting a large group of hypocrites - the leaches of society who steal more and more freedom and choices from everyday people behind the veil of good intentions.

We do not hide away from what we charge for the service we provide and are extremely proud to have helped the many thousands of people we have. Our application process and contract are very clear and we regularly encourage any of our customers experiencing difficulty to contact us so that fees and terms can be adjusted and in many cases stopped or waived entirely.

The one thing we value most as an organisation is our customers. Without you we would not exist, let alone survive. 70% of our active database are returning clients. Our clients are good people who in a time of need would suffer greatly if we did not exist - nobody else would help them!

Cigno is a family business, born in a time when my family had nothing and no one to turn to. Like many of our customers we needed a chance and were prepared to stand by anyone prepared to give us that chance.

I am asking you, one of the silent majority of good people we have been there for to stand by us in this fight. Please submit a response to ASIC's consultation paper so that we can continue to be an option for those who need us most when they have nowhere else to turn to.

You can view the consultation paper below and create a submission by clicking the link. We have made the process extremely easy and it will only take a couple of minutes. Please do your submission honestly and tell your story if you wish to. The link will take you to fill out a short form addressing the questions raised and create an email submission.

We are fighting this - let's work together. If ASIC gets its way, there is no alternative the next time you or someone else has an emergency and needs help.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mark Swanepoel

The full paper is here for you to read. Or you can download by clicking on the link below. Please do so and click the create submission button below to create your submission response.

Download PDF