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‘Beautiful one day, perfect the next’ describes life in the city of Brisbane. While this may be true, staying in a fast-growing city also equates to a fast-growing cost of living. Whether you own, rent, or just visiting, it can get very expensive to live somewhere even remotely central.

Therefore, payday loans will definitely come in handy for anyone in this city who needs a bit of financial help. Cigno Loans has some of the best cash loans Brisbane has to offer!

Types of Loans We Offer

Cigno offers various types of cash loans Brisbane. We’ll have a solution for you regardless of the circumstance you’re in, and it’s up to you to use it for whatever purpose you may see fit.

Fast Cash Loans Brisbane

From overdue bills to emergency medical costs, you can find yourself in different situations that demand for extra cash outside your usual budget. These urgent expenses need to be dealt with quickly before others catch up. That’s why fast cash loans Brisbane fit the bill perfectly, as you don’t have to wait through a long application.

Same Day Loans Brisbane

A same day loan is a small fund transferred to your account almost instantly upon approval. Get peace of mind from knowing you’ll receive your money today, then pay it off in the future. Our efficient review process and high approval rate increase your chances for same day loans Brisbane to cover those immediate costs.

Bad Credit Loans Brisbane

Poor credit rating shouldn’t get in your way when you need cash now. Cigno allows people second chances with bad credit loans Brisbane. Whether you’ve had debt agreements, defaults or bankruptcies in the past, we’ll still accept your application and work with lenders to get your loan approved.

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How Much Can I Borrow?

By choosing Cigno’s services, we can assist you to find a cash loan in Brisbane up to $1000. The specific loan amount you’re able to be approved for varies depending on your income and repayment capability, which are gathered using your bank statement. Other basis are your:

  • expenses,
  • personal financial situation,
  • financial commitments, and
  • suitability for the loan.

Your credit limit may increase once you’re an existing customer as long as you maintain a good payment history and your circumstances don’t change.

Cigno reviews and considers all applications made, and it’s our commitment to help where possible.

Explore Brisbane

Are you looking for new things to do around Brisbane? We’ll give you a collection of our favourite places to explore in the city with your family, from the river to the beach to the rainforest and everything else in between.

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Take your bold spirit to new heights on a Story Bridge Adventure Climb, day or night. The most iconic structure in Brisbane, Story Bridge is the longest steel cantilever bridge in Australia and offers an original adventure.

After conducting a safety briefing, a climbing guide leads you from the central platform to the summit before crossing the width of the Story Bridge. Relish panoramic views of the Brisbane River, Moreton Bay, the Glass House Mountains, and Lamington National Park as you hear audio commentary about the surroundings.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Discover different species of Australian native animals in a delightful, native bush setting at the first and largest koala sanctuary in the world.

Get your koala cuddle fix; have time to feed kangaroos; see kookaburras, wombat, and cassowary; and enjoy a daily schedule of keeper talks and activities, which include Wild Lorikeet Feeding and Sheep Dog Show.

South Bank Parklands

South Bank Parklands is Brisbane’s premier cultural and lifestyle destination. It’s 17-hectare luxuriant parklands, awesome river views, highest-caliber eateries in the world, and hundreds of exciting events all year round make the southern banks of the Brisbane River the perfect location to relax and unwind.

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Why Choose Cigno Loans?

With a wide network of direct lenders, Cigno can help you access the funds you need now. Our cash loan professionals can arrange and offer you various financial solutions, from instant cash loans to bad credit loans.

High Approval Rate

Financial challenges can strike at any time. At Cigno, we believe in respect, trust, and a fair go. Whether you are working, unemployed, or retired, our network of lenders considers all applications.

We’ll only ask for specific information we need from you to assess your loan application. Given any situation you’re in, we’re here to help.

Short Application Process

Cigno’s quick and easy loan application process can be done in minutes. You can even complete the form and sign our settlement offer from the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are.

Our payday loans don’t require paperworks to sort your finances. Just complete our online application and send us a bank statement.

Upon receiving everything we need from you, your application will be approved the same day you apply. Your funds will be transferred into your account overnight or sooner to make it more accessible so you can get on with your life.

24/7 Online Platform

Waiting for days or even weeks for a loan is just nerve-wracking. With Cigno, you can get cash within hours. Our 24/7 online platform allows you to apply anywhere, anytime – weekdays and weekends. It’s the most convenient way to get fast cash loans in Brisbane.

Apply for A Payday Loan in Brisbane

If your expenses cannot wait until your next payday, apply for a payday loan in Brisbane now. Payday loans offer a quick solution for urgent costs, enabling you to cover expenses that need immediate attention.

At Cigno, you can apply via our quick online application or through phone on (07) 5644 3500 if you prefer to talk to someone.

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How long does it take to receive my funds?

Loan applications finalised before 5.00pm (AEST) will receive their funds on the same day. Otherwise, you’ll receive the funds the following day. Note: This is subject to your bank as well as weekends and public holidays.

Do you carry out credit checks?

We work with various lenders who offer payday loans with no credit check. It comes in handy as it bypasses the credit history check, which means a not-so-good or empty track record won’t be held against you.

What if I am unemployed or on a pension?

Our approval is not limited to people who’ve got a 9-5 job. If you need help with some quick cash to get by between jobs, Cigno can do so by working with lenders who’ll look at your full financial story beyond your unemployment.

Upon reviewing your application, we’ll take into account if your bank statements show that you receive income through Centrelink or other channels.

Can I get a loan on Centrelink?

Our approval is not limited to people who’ve got a 9-5 job. If you need help with some quick cash to get by between jobs, Cigno can do so by working with lenders who’ll look at your full financial story beyond your unemployment.

Upon reviewing your application, we’ll take into account if your bank statements show that you receive income through Centrelink or other channels.

How much interest do you charge?

Fees may vary from loan to loan based on the terms and length of the arrangement. To get a fair idea of the expected costs, read here.

What happens if I can’t pay on time?

Cigno understands that unexpected things happen sometimes. You should get in touch with us prior to a payment failing or even if it has already failed so we can postpone or change the payment.

We don’t charge a default interest rate, and we won’t place a listing on your credit record. However, we do charge fees determined by the number of defaults associated with an account. To ensure payment clears, we may lessen or increase the amount on the subsequent payment.

A referral to an external debt collector may be conducted if we are unable to contact you through our collection practices. Here’s our Fee Table.

If we cannot reach you through our collection practices, an external debt collector may be involved.

Check our Fee Table.

Hear from our Customers

  • No hidden costs! Totally upfront honest, quick and easy process. Thank you for saving my neck when I needed it. Be sure you can afford the fees and you’re sweet!
    June 2021
  • You guys are the best you have never let me down keep up the good work thanks again.
    June 2021
  • I have had nothing but great service from Cigno and I highly recommend them. The team are friendly and helpful . Thanks for being there Cigno. Will definitely use your service again
    June 2021
  • I was very pleased how easy it was to sign up and apply , money was paid into my account the same day only hours later. I would recommend to anyone needing fast cash loan
    June 2021
  • Customer service very good and friendly Cigno is very good and helpful. They are not like other loan they will pay to our bank in few hours. I am very happy to be your customer.
    June 2021