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There are plenty of ways you can get a cash advance these days. In this article, we’re going to explain the top reasons why we think it’s best to get yours online. Whether you need the money to buy groceries or pay for crucial repairs around the the house, online loans promise speed and convenience above all else. Take a look through these definitive facts to see if getting your advance online seems like the right way to go. Let’s start with:


Online advances can be paid in hours

One of the most popular types of cash advance is a payday loan. This is the kind of short-term finance we offer at Cigno Loans. When you apply for one of these loans online, you can expect delivery of the money right into your account within 24 hours of your application being approved. In most cases, we can pay out the same day! This kind of speed can be essential when you’re in a tough situation, and being able to apply through our website makes the process so much easier.


Doing it online means no meetings or waiting lines

One of the worst things about going to the bank or a pawn shop, is having to wait in a line. When you apply online, there’s no such hassle. You can select the exact amount of money you need and get in touch with our dedicated customer service team if you have any questions at all. Instead of being an all day process, your application for an online cash advance can be addressed within minutes. In some cases, we can have the money reach you within hours.

When you try and get a loan or overdraft from the bank, you’ll no doubt have to set a meeting with whoever handles assessments and this can be a real time sapper. Payday loans are designed to be as fast and convenient as possible saving you from all the conventional horrors of getting a cash advance from a physical establishment.

Shopping for a good credit deal is never easy. Most banks and loan providers will almost certainly run you through a credit check as part of their application process. We don’t like the hassle of credit checks and we understand that a lot of people feel the same way, so we never use them as a form of assessment in our short-term loan process. We look at your current income instead as we know this is a much better way to check if you can definitely afford the amount you’re looking to borrow.  


Apply at night if needed

Most of us still work a 9-5 routine. That means showing up for meetings or taking lengthy calls during the day to get your loan can be a pain. With our online applications, you can get started on your loan application at any time. Whether you want to get on with it just before hitting the sack or really early in the morning, the option is there for you. Our team does work typical office hours, but we promise to jump on all applications as soon as we get in the next day!  


You can compare options easier online

One of the most crucial but also the most tedious facts about borrowing is having to weigh up options. When you get your cash advance online, you can weigh up your options with just a few clicks and page swaps. We’ve been in this business for quite some time now, so we know what separates the best providers from those that don’t survive. The best thing to look for is a solid company profile including a real business address, great customer reputation, and a very dedicated customer service team. Without these necessities, an unknown short-term loan provider could prove very risky to work with down the line.


Cut costs by doing it online

You’re probably in need of a cash advance because you’re already facing costs you can’t manage. Paying bills is often more expensive and harder now than it ever has been before. If you’re in a jam with money, the last thing you want is to have to spend more getting yourself from A to B. When you get your cash advance online, there’s no need to spend money on tickets, gas or parking, because you’re doing it all from the safety of your couch. The exact amount of money you need, paid to your account while you’re relaxing wherever you want to be – that’s exactly how it should be!

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