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When your budget does not allow for a holiday, how do you get away? The answer is planning and a bit of ingenuity. Sometimes just getting out for a day on the weekend can be enough to leave you feeling refreshed. However, do not fall into the spending trap weekends can create.

Even though weekends are only a small portion of the week, it seems like I spend a lot more money on those two days than I do on the other five days. Why? I think having unstructured time and wanting to do things with my family makes it easy to go off the rails of my budget.

Dr. Penny Pincher gives some advice on how to stay on your budget during a weekend.

It is always better to set out with a plan. Do a bit of online research during the week. Try and find an activity that is either free or doesn’t break the bank.  A new park or nature walk: let the kids run off some energy. Go for a short drive to a new neighbourhood and get some ideas to spruce up your own curb appeal at home. It can be as simple as getting a coffee or an ice cream from a buzz-worthy new restaurant.

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If you feel the need to get out of your environment for more than a day, you can start planning ahead for an annual holiday without breaking the bank. Renting out your property for short accommodation on a platform like Airbnb could negate some of your costs or you can go for an outright exchange like a house swop. Whatever you do, don’t blow your budget for a short break. Getting back on track will be harder in the long run.

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