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You can save money through some small changes in your spending pattern. Saving can be easy if you:

Change one habit

Often you end up spending more, thanks to your habit. Stop buying the coffee on your way to office, take home made lunch to work, borrow books and DVDs instead of buying them, and stop useless subscriptions.

Start saving with a friend

Partner with a friend and see who saves most over a period. Share tips, go for cheaper night outs and borrow from one another instead of buying new things every time.

“Small changes can make a big difference to your bank balance. Change one thing you do regularly and you could save money”

Save on clothes

Don’t fall in the habit of buying new clothes every time. Buy something that could go with a couple of things in your wardrobe, and make use of end of season clearances.

Save on food, groceries, electricity and water

Cut down on eating out – start cooking more often. Don’t go shopping while hungry. Check how you can stop wasting electricity and water.

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Cut your bank expenses

Opt for accounts with

  • No account keeping fees
  • Free monthly statements

Thus, you can see simple changes have a direct impact on your budget and savings. If you are looking for quick loans, a Cigno loan might be right for you.

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