One thing we strive to achieve at Cigno Loans is to give you as much control over your loan as possible. This starts from your application! We try to outline all the ins and outs of our contracts so that there are no missing pieces or nasty surprises down the track. So, we have adapted an access point for all of our members to try to give you as much information on your loan as possible. For questions of how to find this, see below:

1. How do I apply for a Cigno Loan?

    1. You can go to our website and click the ‘apply now’ for a quick effortless approval. To check on the progress of your new application you can go to our ‘contact us’ page and select the ‘How my application is going?’ option.

2. How do I upload my bank statements?

    1. You can upload your bank statements via the member portal (if you haven’t previously submitted one). You can also go to our ‘contact us’ page for this too!

3. I am having problems uploading a bank statement.

    1. No worries, you can upload your own copy of your bank statement to us or alternatively you can get your bank to fax/email it for you.

4. How do I access my contracts?

    1. Once your application has been received your contracts will be sent via email and SMS. You can also go through our contact us page on the member portal and request your contract to be sent.

5. The next repayment date on my contract is wrong. What do I do?

    1. If you’re current repayment schedule is not suited to your situation you may change this via the member portal.

6. How do I cancel my loan application?

    1. You can cancel the application by notifying us via email or SMS.

7. How do I access the member portal?

    1. You can access the member’s portal by our website or via:

8. I cannot login to the member portal.

    1. If you have any issues with logging in you can click the ‘forgot password’ link. This will allow you to reset your login password, please remember this is case sensitive. You can also go to the ‘contact us’ page and choose the forgot login details option.

9. Why do I keep receiving ‘insufficient income’?

    1. If we cannot view any income or perhaps your income has stopped recently we will send ‘insufficient income’. No worries though, if you can provide us with a recent statement showing your income or payslips then we can look at approving you for a loan still. This can be done via the member portal.

10. Why do I keep being asked for a new mobile number or email address?

    1. We do require all our clients to have a unique mobile and email. This is for privacy and security purposes as we send confidential information via email and SMS.

11. I get paid monthly.

    1. Unfortunately we do not have a monthly payment option. However you can schedule a one payment plan and pay it off in one go.

12. The repayments are too high and I can’t afford them, what do i do?.

    1. If you cannot afford the repayments on the contract then notify us immediately. We can find a contract plan that suits your income and expenditure so that it is affordable.

13. When will I receive my funds?

    1. You can receive your funds within hours of finalising your application. If you have already finalised the application then check your email and SMS, as we do send correspondence on the time of the deposit. You can also go to the member portal and view when you will receive the funds.

14. Why didn’t I get the amount I asked for?

    1. Our applications & finance department will assess every client based off our loan assessment criteria. It will purely be based off your income on the bank statement.