Need some easy cash? Cigno Loans can help. Whether you’ve got a financial emergency or just need a little help to get you through to payday, easy cash loans could be the answer. Apply today and we’ll find you easy loans ASAP.

How much can I borrow?

$100| $200| $300| $400| $500| $600| $700| $800| $900| $1000|

What Are Easy Loans?

Easy loans are small amounts of cash you can borrow without any hassle. Unlike regular bank loans, which go through a series of checks, easy cash loans often skip the credit report. The lender will typically only need to see your latest bank statement before approving your loan – that’s what makes them so easy.

Easy online loans are even more convenient. You can apply anytime from the comfort of your home or while you’re out and about.

Our Process to Easy Loan Approvals

Our quick and simple online application means getting emergency money has never been easier or faster. All you need to provide us with are bank statements and some personal details. We store this information securely and use it to assess your suitability and calculate your repayments.

Once your easy cash loan is approved, you’ll get notified within the hour and receive your money the same day (or the next business day, if we receive your application after 5pm). This quick transfer is subject to your bank’s clearing process.

Our process is designed to ensure we never offer you an easy loan you can’t afford. Our goal is to make your life easier, not harder. However, we know life doesn’t always go to plan. If you think you won’t be able to make a repayment, we encourage you to contact our support team as early as possible to discuss your situation and explore your options.

Easy Loan Approvals with Cigno Loans


Easy-approval loans don’t take days to process. If you provide all the required information with your application, you’ll usually have a response within hours.

To prepare your easy loan for review and approval, we’ll ask you to share:

  • Some personal details
  • Bank statements.

Your bank statements allow us to assess your income and circumstances. They also ensure we have the correct details for depositing your easy cash loan. We might need additional information if you’re applying with us for the first time – we’ll let you know if this is the case.


The fees for an easy loan are based on the terms and length of the loan. The team at Cigno will always be transparent and upfront about any costs involved with your easy cash loan – nobody wants any nasty surprises. You can read general information about our costs here.