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Need some quick cash to help you get by between jobs?

You might be worried that most financial institutions will turn you away. You may have even experienced this already. The good news is cash loans for unemployed people do exist. You just need to know where to look.

At Cigno, we work with lenders who will look at your full financial story – not just whether you’ve got a 9-5 job right now. This means if your bank statements show you’re receiving an income through other channels (e.g. Centrelink), we’ll take that into account when reviewing your application.

Our team works quickly and responsibly to find a financial solution that suits you, and our long list of success stories includes plenty of small loans for unemployed people.

What is a loan for unemployed people?

Loans for unemployment exist to help people who need access to fast money but are currently without work and are therefore having trouble getting approved by mainstream lenders. Cash loans for unemployed people are transferred rapidly, helping you pay for urgent or unforeseen expenses now and paying back the debt later (e.g. when your JobSeeker payment lands).

The benefits of applying for online loans for unemployed people with Cigno include:

  • You can apply online and get a response the same business day
  • You can use the loan for any reasonable purpose
  • Our pre-approvals are obligation-free, so you can change your mind before accepting the loan
  • You’ll have fixed repayments, so you can plan ahead with no unwelcome surprises
  • We’ll find you a loan with repayments that meet your budget
  • No security is required.

Our loans for unemployment feature:

  • Flexible loan lengths
  • Borrowing amounts up to $1,000
  • Scheduled repayments that align with your paydays (or the days you receive benefits)
  • Flexible repayments (weekly or fortnightly) with the option to make extra repayments to pay off your loan faster
  • Direct debiting to take the work out of repaying your loans (and remembering to do so!).

Small Loans for Unemployed People

When you’re out of work, a large loan won’t usually be suitable. It’s more likely that a small loan with manageable repayments is what will help you get by until you find a new job. Cigno specialises in matching people with small loans up to $1,000.

Loans for Unemployed People on Benefits

The big banks won’t usually consider your benefit payments as a source of income, so they’re less likely to approve you for a loan. Many of our lenders understand that Centrelink payments are a veritable source of income, so if your bank statements show that your benefits are sufficient to make your repayments, you’ll usually get approved.

Loans for Unemployed People with Bad Credit

You might think being unemployed and having bad credit makes it impossible to get a loan, but that’s not necessarily the case. Many of our lenders are more interested in seeing your recent bank statements than reviewing your credit history, as this is often a more accurate representation of your financial habits and capacity. We find loans for unemployed people with bad credit by working with lenders who don’t perform credit checks.


There are fees and charges applicable to Cigno’s services, and the fees on your loan will differ depending on its length and terms. These costs will always be explained to you upfront and in a transparent manner. You can read this page to understand how much a small loan for unemployed people can cost.

Loan Repayments

We set things up so that your repayments line up with your capacity to repay (e.g. your repayment due dates might be the same dates you expect to receive your Centrelink benefits). We use direct debiting so you don’t even need to think about your repayments, but we also send reminders so you know exactly when the repayments will come out of your account (no nasty surprises!).

Late repayments may result in additional fees, so we recommend contacting us well in advance if you think you might miss a repayment. Our friendly support team will work with you to sort things out.

What do you need to apply for a loan?

When you apply for same-day cash loans for unemployed people with Cigno, we only ask for 2 things:

  • Some personal details
  • Your recent bank statements.

That’s all we need to review your application and find a suitable solution. If you use us in the future for fast cash loans for unemployed people, it’ll be even easier and quicker, as we’ll already have your details. This information is kept secure and confidential.

Apply for a Loan for Unemployed People Today

If you’re between jobs and need some money fast, Cigno can help. Our experienced team is ready to help you find the right loan to suit your circumstances.