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What Is a Cash Advance?

A Cash Advance loan is a quick, small loan that is repaid on your payday or over multiple paydays on a repayment schedule. It is a fast way of getting emergency cash when you can’t wait until your next payday. Having repayments set on your paydays makes paying back on time easy!

If you engage Cigno, we will act as your agent to assist you to apply to a lender that offers Cash Advance loans that are typically cleared in your account on the same day.  Get in contact with us today to see how we can help you.

Bad Credit?

Cigno does not do a credit history check.  If you choose to engage us to assist to apply for a Cash Advance loan, we will optimise your application to ensure the best chance of a successful outcome before lodging the application with the lender.  Typically the lender does not require a credit check as part of its assessment criteria.

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Cigno Offers Cash Advance Loans for a Range of Circumstances

Life does not always go as planned. We get it. Whether you have got unexpected medical costs or an unfriendly electricity bill, a Cash Advance loan could be the answer.

Cash advance loans can be useful in a wide range of circumstances – from getting emergency repairs on your car or house, to buying a replacement for a broken phone. Whatever the reason you need a cash advance, Cigno can help.

Fast Cash Advance Loans

Sometimes expenses and purchases cannot always wait until your next payday. When life throws you a curveball that you cannot afford right now, a fast cash loan could be the answer.  Fast cash loans provide temporary solutions for immediate costs, allowing you to cover urgent expenses now and pay back the money when you have got the funds to do so.

Cigno can act as your agent to assist you to apply to a lender who offers fast cash advance loans and once approved, these loans will typically clear into your account on the same day!

Get in contact with Cigno today to find out how we can help you.

Cash Advance Loans with No Credit Checks

Looking for cash advance loans online with no credit check?

Cigno can act as your agent to assist you to lodge an application with a lender who does not require a credit check.  We typically will only require some personal information and your most recent bank statement to get started.

Get in contact with Cigno today to find out how we can help you – whatever circumstances have led you to need an online cash loan with no credit check.

Cash Advance Loans with Bad Credit

A financial crisis can happen to anyone. Whether you have been bankrupt, foreclosed, or have a bad credit rating due to past financial hardships, Cigno can help!

We believe in a fair go for everyone.  If you engage us we will act as your agent to assist you to apply for a cash advance loan for bad credit ratings for an amount up to $1,000.  Once approved the funds will typically clear into your account on the same day!

Get in contact with Cigno today to find out how we can help you.

Cash Advance Loans Online

Bills, rent, groceries, back-to-school items, Christmas shopping… unexpected expenses do not care about when your payday is.

When you need to pay for help to get through to your next payday, a cash advance loan online might be the answer.

If you need a cash advance loan online get in contact with Cigno to find out how we help you.

Cash Advance Loan Repayments

As part of the application process, you will have the opportunity to choose a repayment schedule that is affordable and corresponds with your payday.  It is important that you choose the repayment schedule that you can afford while still being able to pay your ongoing everyday expenses.  If not, then you should consider other options.

If during your loan, you cannot make a repayment when required, just let us know.  We as your agent will arrange a new affordable payment schedule.

Once you have repaid your loan, Cigno can assist you to apply for future loans whenever you need them.

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Are there any requirements?

Typically, we will only require your personal details such as your address and contact details and your recent 90-day bank statement.  If on the rare occasion we need further information is required, we will let know and work with you to get the application submitted as quickly as possible.  We only ask for the information we need, and we keep all your data safe and secure.

Are there any fees involved?

When you make your application, we will provide you with all the relevant information regarding our fees and any lender costs.  You can also read about these in advance on our Costs page.

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  • The process of a small loan was easy and Cigno was prompt in depositing the funds into my account. Couldn’t have been happier. They come through every time I need a small loan.
    June 2022
  • Cigno loans, are the real deal, they understand about us living on the other side, that, we are all struggling in a different ways, that, we all are not equal, they don’t pay attention to your past mistakes, they understands, and give us all a fair go. Just wanted to say, I appreciate every little help, because, You never know how much that little help matters, tills you don’t have it’s at all, and everyone, every other lenders that you think will help when you most need it’s, says no.
    June 2022
  • I’m very happy customer! They are so understanding! Evan when I payed a payment late I had an option to pay the following fortnight witch helped me out with an unispected family issue! Thanks Cigno
    June 2022
  • This company is a fantastic company. Even though I went through a bad patch and couldn't afford any repayments, they adjusted a payment plan and it was completely affordable. No harrassment, no bad calls just help when it was needed. Massive thanks to cigno
    June 2022
  • Prompt response to enquiry. Upfront with everything - no hidden or unexpected costs/fees/chargers. For a 'same-day' unsecured loan, the rate is very competitive. The staff are very understanding to individual needs. I will definately approach CIGNO again in the future when another emergency arises.
    June 2022
  • Cigno loans have always been reliable and easy to access when in need. They have provided a quick service (money in the account within hours once granted) with clear and concise information regarding the loan terms. The fees are fair considering they are a short term loan provider when many others would not lend. Never had an issue with communications between the company and myself. I highly recommend when service is needed.
    June 2022