How much can I borrow?

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Expenses and purchases can’t always wait until your next payday. When life throws you a curveball you can’t afford right now, applying for fast cash loans could be the answer.

Quick cash loans provide a temporary solution for immediate costs, allowing you to cover urgent expenses now and pay back the money when you’ve got the funds to do so. Cigno makes it easy to find and apply for fast loans online.

Important Note: For loans applied for outside business hours, the application process may be delayed. 

What is a fast cash loan?

A fast cash loan is a small amount of credit that gets lent to you rapidly. Quick cash loans are typically approved and transferred much faster than traditional loans.

While it would be a slight stretch to call this an instant loan, you can often expect the money to land in your bank account on the same day as your application (depending on when your application gets approved).

In many cases, Cigno provides almost-instant loan approval; you’ll usually find out if your application has been accepted within hours of submitting it. This means you’ll know sooner that the money you need is on its way – and you can use the money sooner as well.

Cigno Loans Offers Fast Cash Loans for a Range of Circumstances

From overdue invoices to emergency medical bills, there are countless circumstances that may leave you needing money outside of your day-to-day budget. Expenses like these often need to be covered quickly, which is why fast loans are particularly useful when you don’t have time to go through a long application and waiting period.

If you’re worried that banks and other institutions will make you wait only to eventually reject your application, consider Cigno. We can’t offer 100% guaranteed fast cash loans, but we do welcome all customers and we have a high approval rate. Our short-term finance experts can often find loans for people who have been turned away elsewhere.

Fast Cash Loans with No Credit Checks

If you’ve established a long and reliable credit history, that’s great – you probably won’t have much trouble getting a loan. But if you’ve never borrowed money before or had a rocky relationship with other lenders, your history could be an obstacle to getting approved.

That’s where fast cash loans with no credit check can come in handy. These loans bypass the credit history check, which means an empty or imperfect track record won’t be held against you.

It’s worth noting that quick loans with no credit check typically come with steeper repayments and consequences for defaulting. This reduces the risk that the creditor is taking by lending to someone without seeing their credit history.

If your credit rating is decent, this probably isn’t the ideal loan type for you. But if you do need a loan ASAP with no credit check, the team at Cigno is here to help. Over time, if you pay back all your debts on time, your credit history will improve and make it easier for you to borrow money in the future.


Fast Loans with Bad Credit

Getting approved for fast loans with bad credit can be tricky.

Have you been rejected by lenders due to a poor credit rating? At Cigno, we understand the real world isn’t always easy. Things happen. That’s why we welcome applications from anyone and everyone – even for instant cash loans with bad credit.

Maybe you’ve:

  • Missed repayments in the past
  • Defaulted on previous loans
  • Declared bankruptcy
  • Been unemployed.

We don’t judge. We’ll do our best to find a solution for you no matter what your circumstances are. Apply for a quick loan with bad credit today.

Quick Small Loans

Quick small loans should be just that: quick. You should never have to wait days to borrow less than $1,000.

At Cigno, we specialise in approving and processing small loans fast – so you can receive and use your money sooner. If you need small instant loans, our team is ready to help you.


Fast Cash Advance Loans

The problem with payday is that it only comes around every so often – once a week, once a fortnight, or maybe even once a month. An instant cash advance can help you cover incidental costs that don’t line up with your pay cycle.

You can easily apply for a fast cash advance via our online loan application process. Once your quick cash advance has covered your unexpected expenses, simply pay off the debt when payday comes back around.


Fast Cash Loans for People on Centrelink

It can be particularly challenging to access quick cash loans for Centrelink customers. Many banks won’t recognise your payments as income and therefore won’t approve your applications.

Getting by on Centrelink payments is already tough enough, so these rejections can be frustrating. But there are ways to get quick loans on Centrelink – our specialists work with lenders who are often willing to help.

When it comes to applying for fast cash loans, Centrelink customers are always welcome at Cigno.

Need quick cash ASAP?

Whether you’ve had a car accident or just received a shocking power bill, if you need money fast, Cigno can help. Urgent costs can’t wait days to be paid, so you shouldn’t wait days to borrow money.

When you need cash fast, turn to our team of short-term finance experts. Apply for a fast loan now.

How does it work?

Not sure how to get a cash loan fast? Our online process makes it easy.

Simply tell us how much you want to borrow (up to $1,000) and complete the streamlined application. You’ll get a fast decision – no need to wait on hold or in a queue. And you won’t even need to worry about scanning or photocopying paperwork. We’ll take care of that.

If you’re wondering where to loan money fast, put Cigno Loans at the top of your list.


Fast Loans Online

Applying for quick loans online takes out almost all the waiting time you’d experience with a bank:

  • No waiting on hold
  • No waiting in a queue
  • No waiting days for a decision
  • No waiting weeks for the funds to arrive.

Our quick cash loans online application means you can apply for and receive your money sooner – without ever leaving your home. Getting fast online loans has never been quicker or easier.

If you’re looking for instant cash loans online, contact our expert team or apply today.


Fast Cash Loan Repayments

We’ll match your repayments to your pay cycle (e.g. weekly or fortnightly). The repayment amount will correspond with your capacity to repay the loan, and you’ll receive automatic reminders before every scheduled repayment – so you’ll never get hit by an unexpected direct deposit.

If you’re ever unable to make a repayment, simply contact our support team to discuss your options.


How much can you borrow with a fast cash loan?

We can help you find a quick cash loan from $50 to $1,000. The specific amount you’re able to get approved for can vary depending on:

  • Your expenses
  • Your financial commitments
  • Your personal financial situation
  • Your income
  • Your suitability for the loan.


Get Approval for a Quick Cash Loan Today


To help you get quick approval on cash loans, we’ll ask you for some simple information:

  • Some personal details
  • Bank statements.

That’s all we need to process your application. Your data will be kept safe and secure.


We’ll communicate all costs to you transparently prior to your fast cash loan approval. You can learn about the fees in advance on our Costs page.