Urgent expenses are called “urgent” for a reason – they usually can’t wait several days for you to pay them. Whether you’ve got emergency medical bills or a looming due date on a power bill, same-day loans can help by giving you instant access to extra cash.

Same-day cash loans give you the freedom to cover immediate expenses today and pay them back in the future (e.g. on your next payday).

How much can I borrow?

$100| $200| $300| $400| $500| $600| $700| $800| $900| $1000|

What is a same-day loan?

A same-day loan is a small amount of money (e.g. up to $1,000) transferred to your account almost instantly upon approval. Same-day cash loans usually come with a cut-off time – if your application is approved after this time, you’ll receive the funds the next day instead.

Cigno’s Same-Day Loans

The best same-day loans are reliably fast. With Cigno, you get peace of mind from knowing you’ll receive your money on that day when your application gets approved before 5.00pm AEST. Our rapid review process and high approval rate increases the chances of getting your same-day cash loan sooner rather than later.

In cases where you apply after 5.00pm AEST or your approval comes through after this time, you can rest assured the money will land in your account the next morning.

Get Approval for a Same-Day Loan Today


When you choose Cigno for your online loans with same-day approval, we’ll only ask you for the bare minimum details. These will typically include:

  • Some basic personal details
  • Your most recent bank statement.

A single bank statement is typically all we need to process your same-day loan approval. No credit check is required.


Our same-day loans come with easy approval and transparent costs. Fees will vary based on your agreement length and terms, but you can get a general idea here.