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Small Loans from $100 to $1,000

Need a small cash loan to cover urgent bills or unexpected expenses? Cigno’s team of small loan experts can help you get the money you need – whether it’s $100 to help with some Christmas shopping or $1,000 for your car rego.

Our quick and easy application process is a breeze to complete, and we consider all people fairly. That’s why our approval rate is so high. We also approve applications quickly – your money will often arrive in your account on the same day (when approved before 5.00pm AEST).

For quick cash when you need it, apply for small loans online with Cigno.

Small Loans to Support Your Needs

Bills are one of life’s unpleasant necessities. And while they’re usually predictable, they can occasionally come sooner or cost more than you expect. Having access to small cash loans can be very helpful when this happens, as it allows you to cover those costs now and pay them back later – rather than running the risk of overdue notices and late fees.

Cigno can help you get fast approval on small loans in Australia. So, when life doesn’t go according to your household budget, you’ve got a quick and easy way to make your finances more flexible.

Small loans can help a wide range of people in a variety of circumstances – from busy families to university students, from Centrelink customers to entrepreneurs.


Small Loans for Centrelink Customers

Centrelink payments aren’t always enough to cover incidental expenses. But, unfortunately, many banks don’t consider these payments a type of income. This means they’re more likely to turn you away when you apply for a loan – even if it’s just for a small amount.

Cigno works with several lenders who are happy to approve small loans for Centrelink customers. This could help you pay bills during your job search or between your pension payments. Our team welcomes and considers applications from anyone and everyone.

Small Loans Online

Gone are the days of having to wait in line at the bank between 9 and 5 on a weekday. With Cigno, you can apply for small cash loans online from the comfort of your home at any time (including weekends).

When you need a small loan fast, online is the place to go. Applying online lets you cut through the tedious waiting and red tape, so you can get an answer (and your money) sooner. Our application also makes it easy to submit all the required information (i.e. some personal details and bank statements).

If you’re looking for small loans online, trust Cigno to help you find the right lender.

Small Same-Day Loans

Do you need a small loan fast? You’re in luck. Cigno specialises in arranging small cash loans the same day or next morning.

Our instant small loan application is quick and simple to complete. You’ll find out if you’ve been approved within hours. And when you get approved before 5.00pm AEST, you can expect to receive your funds on the same day. Otherwise, your small fast cash loan will usually land the next morning.

Small same-day loans are great for covering those tricky expenses that sneak up on you, such as:

  • Bills that are about to be overdue (e.g. electricity, internet, phone)
  • Car repair costs after an accident
  • Medical bills that can’t wait until payday
  • Subscriptions you forgot to budget for (e.g. Netflix, Spotify, gym membership).

If any of these situations sounds familiar, trust Cigno to find you a small same-day loan in Australia. Our team of financial experts will find a lender and loan option that matches your needs up to $1,000.

Small Loans for Bad Credit

Having trouble getting small loans due to bad credit? We understand. At Cigno, we don’t believe your history is always a valid indicator of your current circumstances, and we don’t think you should be punished for past mistakes. We work with lenders who often offer small cash loans despite bad credit, helping you get back on your feet financially.

If you need a lender who won’t automatically rule you out due to blemishes on your credit history, try Cigno. Apply for small loans online with bad credit today.


Small Loans with No Credit Checks

If you don’t have a substantial credit history to your name, it can be frustrating to have your small loan applications rejected by bank after bank. Cigno gives a fair go to everyone, which is why our network includes lenders who will consider small loans with no credit check.

Applying for a small payday loan with no credit check can help you start building a positive credit history – so you can apply for future loans with a credit check that supports you rather than hindering you. If you need to apply for small loans online with no credit check, try Cigno today.