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Small Personal Loans from $100 to $1,000

When you need small personal loans to cover unexpected or unavoidable expenses, choose Cigno. With a high approval rate and short application process, we make it easy to get cash when you need it. Our 24/7 application and fast approval means you’ll often get your money on the same day (when your application is received before 5.00pm AEST). Cigno believes in a fair go for everyone, which is why we consider applications from anyone who applies for one of our small personal loans online.

Need a Small Personal Loan?

Life is full of unexpected expenses. We get it.

Sometimes bills arrive when you’re not ready for them. Sometimes a trip to the doctor costs more than you thought it would. Whatever your situation, a quick personal loan can help you cover today’s expenses without ruining tomorrow.

A same-day small personal loan from Cigno’s network of lenders can help you manage immediate expenses that appear at unfortunate times, helping you keep on top of your finances until your next payday. For pensioners and people who are currently unemployed, a small personal loan can provide short-term assistance between your pension or Centrelink payments.

If you need a small personal loan, apply with Cigno today or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss the small money loans available to you.

Small Personal Payday Loans

Things don’t always work out according to your pay cycle. If circumstances have thrown a spanner in your budget, small personal payday loans might be the answer. These convenient financial solutions allow you to cover sudden expenses, move on with your life, and simply pay off the debt on payday.

If you’re looking for personal payday loans online, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of financial experts is ready to help you.

Small Loans with No Credit Checks

Have banks turned you away due to not having a substantial credit history? A small personal loan with no credit check might be the way to go. After all, everybody begins with a blank credit slate. A short credit history shouldn’t automatically rule you out from accessing money when you need it. Apply for small personal loans (no credit check) with Cigno, and we’ll consider your application fairly.

Small Personal Loans for Bad Credit

If you’re struggling to get a small personal loan with bad credit, Cigno could be the answer. We understand that your financial history isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of your current situation. That’s why we consider applications from every applicant and frequently organise small personal loans for people with bad credit.

If you apply for a small personal loan with bad credit online with us, you can rest assured we’ll consider your application seriously.

Get Approval for a Small Personal Loan Today


When you apply for a small personal loan online with Cigno, we’ll ask you to provide:

  • Some personal details
  • Bank statements.

And that’s it! We only request the information we absolutely need. We access this data securely and always with your permission.


To get a small personal loan via Cigno, there is a small one-off charge of $15 and a fee that is reasonably determined by the length and terms of your loan. You can read more details about this on our Costs page.