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Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is home to the country’s best restaurant, hotel, gin, wine, and beach. This city is bursting with so much culture, entertainment, events, and all other flavours in between.

Looking for a place to settle in? Adelaide is more affordable to live in — up to 12%, than other major cities in Australia and offers the lowest average rent in the country.

If you plan to visit or stay in Adelaide, a financial boost will always be useful for your next adventure in this cosmopolitan. Cigno’s assistance can help you find the best cash loans Adelaide has to offer!

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Types of Loans We Offer

Cigno is your gateway to various payday loans while matching you with the proper financial solution that fits your needs. You decide how to use the funds with any purposes and goals you may want to accomplish now.

Fast Cash Loans Adelaide

If you find yourself looking for extra cash other than your usual budget, trust Cigno to look for and offer you fast cash loans Adelaide. Sudden costs need to be dealt with quickly before they add up, so our application process is made easier for you.

Cash Advance Adelaide

A cash advance is a fast way to get an emergency fund when you can’t wait until your next paycheck. The repayments are aligned to your payday, so you’ll have less worries paying back your loan.

Application for cash advance Adelaide is quick and easy with Cigno. It only takes a minute and you’ll get a response in no time.

Same Day Loans Adelaide

Cigno’s efficient review and screening process points your chances for approval to positive. If it’s your lucky day, your same day loans Adelaide funds will be transferred to your bank account almost immediately so you can use your money at once.

Short term loans

How Much Can I Borrow?

It’s Cigno’s commitment to consider and review all applications to give a fair chance to customers needing cash loans as much as possible. Our solutions are available for you so we can find payday loans in Adelaide of up to $1000.

The exact loan amount you can borrow may vary depending on your income and repayment capacity, which will be gathered from your bank statement. Other bases that may be looked into are your expenses and overall financial standing.

When you’re already an existing customer, your credit limit may increase given that your state of affairs is consistent and you are able to maintain a good repayment habit.

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Explore Adelaide

Adelaide is a city designed to be explored. Discover it’s range of places to stay, things to see and do, such as the Adelaide Botanic Garden, Adelaide Central Market, and Adelaide Oval.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden is right in the heart of the city. You can take some time out to explore the diversity and beauty of plants from across the country and around the world. Enjoy your coffee, relax in the shade while spending hours or a day among 50 hectares of manicured gardens and magnificent architecture.

Adelaide Central Market

Bursting with colour and life all year long, Adelaide Central Market is one of the largest fresh produce markets in South Australia. With more than 70 traders in one place, the Market offers a range of fresh food, including fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, and bakery, along with some of Adelaide’s famous eateries and cafes. It also remains as the premier food destination for fresh produce and multicultural cuisine.

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval has been one of Australia’s most prestigious and recognisable venues and hosts football, cricket, concerts, major events, and functions at the highest level. Known worldwide as a historic sporting venue, the Oval attracts thousands of visitors from within South Australia, interstate, and abroad. Among sports fans and business travellers, visitors come in with their interest in history, culture, food, and wine.

Why Choose Cigno Loans?

Cigno works with their partner lenders to enable you to access the funds you need. Our financial solutions and services are available so we can match you with the suitable payday loan options, such as fast cash loans, cash advance, and same day loans.

High Approval Rate

At Cigno, we understand that financial hardship can pop up at any time to anyone, so we’re here for you. We won’t turn away unemployed or retired as part of our commitment is considering all applications. To return our gratitude for trusting us, everyone gets a higher chance of approval.

Short Application Process

Cigno respects your time so we made our application process short and more convenient for you. Sorting your finances doesn’t involve much paperworks. We will only require your bank statement, completed online application, and perhaps some more specific data for further assessment.

Wherever you may be — at home, in the office, you can complete the form and sign the settlement offer.

24/7 Online Platform

As Cigno offers its services 24/7, you can apply whenever and wherever through our online platform. Once approved, your funds will be transferred into your account within hours. It’s the fastest way to get cash loans in Adelaide.


How long does it take to receive my funds?

You’ll receive your money almost immediately if your loan application is finalised before 5.00pm (AEST). Otherwise, you’ll receive your funds the next day. Note: This is subject to your bank, the weekends, and public holidays.

Do you carry out credit checks?

Cigno, with the help of our partner lenders, provides cash loans with no credit check. If it happens that you have a bad credit or even an empty track record, it won’t be a reason not to acquire a cash loan.

What if I am unemployed or on a pension?

Our cash loans are not limited only to those who work 9 to 5. If you’re unemployed, Cigno can still assist you as we look beyond your employment status. We will also take into consideration if you receive benefits through Centrelink or other channels — age pension, carer’s pension, or disability support pension.

Can I get a loan on Centrelink?

Cigno allows Centrelink beneficiaries to access funds through the payday loans we offer. We work well with understanding lenders who are willing to provide funds to those on pensions or receive income through Centrelink regardless of low income or bad credit.

How much interest do you charge?

Cigno’s interests and fees may vary based on the type of your loan, it’s terms and conditions. Go here to get an estimate of how much your loan will cost.

What happens if I can’t pay on time?

You must contact us if you are going to default or even if it has failed, so we can arrange to postpone or change the payment. We won’t charge you a default interest rate, however, we do charge fees according to the number of defaults on your account. The amount on your next payment may increase or decrease to make sure payment clears.

If we cannot reach you through our collection practices, an external debt collector may be involved.

Check our Fee Table.

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If you’re looking for a quick financial boost to cover any unexpected expenses, we can provide payday loans Adelaide so you can address these urgent costs fast. Apply now through Cigno’s online application or by phone on (07) 5644 3500.

Hear from our Customers

  • The process of a small loan was easy and Cigno was prompt in depositing the funds into my account. Couldn’t have been happier. They come through every time I need a small loan.
    June 2022
  • Cigno loans, are the real deal, they understand about us living on the other side, that, we are all struggling in a different ways, that, we all are not equal, they don’t pay attention to your past mistakes, they understands, and give us all a fair go. Just wanted to say, I appreciate every little help, because, You never know how much that little help matters, tills you don’t have it’s at all, and everyone, every other lenders that you think will help when you most need it’s, says no.
    June 2022
  • I’m very happy customer! They are so understanding! Evan when I payed a payment late I had an option to pay the following fortnight witch helped me out with an unispected family issue! Thanks Cigno
    June 2022
  • This company is a fantastic company. Even though I went through a bad patch and couldn't afford any repayments, they adjusted a payment plan and it was completely affordable. No harrassment, no bad calls just help when it was needed. Massive thanks to cigno
    June 2022
  • Prompt response to enquiry. Upfront with everything - no hidden or unexpected costs/fees/chargers. For a 'same-day' unsecured loan, the rate is very competitive. The staff are very understanding to individual needs. I will definately approach CIGNO again in the future when another emergency arises.
    June 2022
  • Cigno loans have always been reliable and easy to access when in need. They have provided a quick service (money in the account within hours once granted) with clear and concise information regarding the loan terms. The fees are fair considering they are a short term loan provider when many others would not lend. Never had an issue with communications between the company and myself. I highly recommend when service is needed.
    June 2022