The easiest way to see the exact cost of a loan is to apply. That way we can help you tailor a loan to suit you and be able to give you the exact costs.


Once approved, via our application process you will be provided with multiple options on how you can repay the loan and you can choose the best option for you. There is no obligation to go take the loan if it is not right for you.

With us there is nothing hidden, no surprises, no catches, no worries!

The costs are broken down into 2 components:

  • The matched lender’s cost.
  • Cigno’s service charges.

As a reference, below is a breakdown of what it might cost you.


Lender Fees:

A fixed, one-off non-interest charge of $15.


Cigno’s Fees:

Cigno fees can vary depending on the terms and length selected on your loan obligation. Typically the fees charged with regards to assistance in acquired a $300 loan range between: $129.90 and $291.55, depending on the factors of that advance.

The Cigno fees charged are for the optional use of Cigno’s service and are independent of the principal and interest repayments due to the lender.

You do not need to utilise Cigno’s service in order to acquire a loan from any lender. It is completely at your discretion to utilise Cigno’s assistance.


Default and Deviation:

Change of Payment Fee: $22
Dishonour Fee: $79