The cost will vary depending on loan and payment options that you choose. 

Once you have submitted an application, we will work in the background to get you a pre-approval for a loan that suits your needs.  You will then be given the opportunity to choose from a variety of loan and repayment options.  The exact cost will depend on the options that you choose.  There is nothing hidden, there are no surprises, no catches and no worries!

You have no obligation to proceed with the loan and you will not be charged anything unless you choose to proceed and enter into the agreements.  So, you have nothing to lose!

The costs are broken down into two components:

  • The lender’s cost.
  • Cigno’s service charges.

A typical $300 loan might look like this:

Initial Fees
Loan Amount $300.00
Lender Fees $15.00
Cigno Fees $129.90
Extra Fees
Change of Payment Fee $22.00
Dishonour Fee $79.00