Are you a student or part-time worker? Currently on Centrelink or receiving a pension? Whatever circumstances have led you to having a low income, Cigno can help you stay on your financial feet with a quick cash loan.

How much can I borrow?

$100| $200| $300| $400| $500| $600| $700| $800| $900| $1000|

A loan for low income earners can come in handy for a range of situations, from higher-than-expected power bills to unplanned car repairs.

We work with a variety of traditional financial institutes and alternative finance lenders to find a suitable small loan for your situation – because we know a loan for low income earners can make all the difference when you’re living paycheque to paycheque.

Small Loans

Even a small loan can go a long way. From single-income households to emerging entrepreneurs, a little extra cash can be the steppingstone towards a brighter financial future.

Cigno can act as your agent to assist you to apply for a small loan. Rather than waiting for a bank, we will assist you to lodge an application to a lender that is optimised to give you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Get in contact with us now to find out how we can help you.


Loans for Students

Loans for students are available to Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders.

If this is you, Cigno can act as your agent to assist you to apply for a quick cash loan to help you out with tuition fees, student services, amenities fees, overseas study expenses, stationery and textbooks, and more.

Loans for Pensioners

When you’re on Centrelink, a loan for low income earners can help you get by when things are tough. We work with several lenders who offer online loans for Centrelink customers and people with poor credit scores. It only takes minutes to apply, and you could have up to $1,000 in your account within hours.


Centrelink Loans

Searching for Centrelink loans online? Look no further. We can act as your agent to assist you to apply for a loan of up to $1000 even if your main source of income is Centrelink.

Engaging Cigno means skipping the annoying bank queue, applying from anywhere at any time, and getting a fast response.

Get in contact with Cigno today to find out how we can help you.

How much can I borrow?

Cigno can act as your agent to assist you to apply for loans up to $1000. Discover how it works here or learn about the costs involved here.


Why choose Cigno Loans?

  • High approval rate – Cigno optimises your application prior to submitting to a lender to ensure the best chance of a successful outcome.
  • All applications considered – Our network of lenders will consider any application, even for people who are working part-time, unemployed, or retired. This is why we can often find a loan for low income earners who have been turned away elsewhere.
  • Fast and easy application – Our online platform allows you to use our services 24/7 from anywhere.  It is quick, easy and convenient for all Australians.



Apply for a Low-Income Loan Now

Applying for a loan for low income with Cigno is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Complete the easy application – Our quick, online application process only asks for essential information and a bank statement.
  2. Get approved fast – Once you’re approved, we’ll email you the loan agreement and service agreement. Review these and accept them online if you want to proceed with the loan.
  3. Receive your cash – When you apply with Cigno for a cash loan for low income earners, you could receive your money within hours (depending on your bank). If you don’t have your money the same day, you can expect it to land the next morning.



Typically, when applying for a low income loan we will only require your personal details such as your address and contact details and your recent 90 day bank statement. If on the rare occasion we need further information is required, we will let know and work with you to get the application submitted as quickly as possible. We only ask for the information we need, and we keep all your data safe and secure.

We strive to offer a service that makes applying for a low income loan as quick and as easy as possible.


The fees on your loan will vary depending on the length, amount, and terms of the loan. For more information about Cigno costs, please read here.