How much can I borrow?

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Have you got unexpected medical costs or are your latest bills higher than you anticipated? Do you need to move house, buy a car, or make another significant purchase? A pensioner loan could be the answer to your financial situation.

The professional team at Cigno works with a variety of lenders who offer instant loans for pensioners, making it possible for people on the government pension to cover expenses quickly and comfortably. Because we understand that life expenses don’t magically disappear when you retire!

Through our lender network, we find loans for Centrelink pensioners on the aged pension, disability pension, or single-parent pension.


Types of Pension

  • Aged pension – To be eligible for the aged pension, you need to be 66+, an Australia resident (for at least 10 years), and meet the income/asset tests.
  • Centrelink pensions – Centrelink provides a range of welfare payments for retirees, unemployed people, people with disabilities, and more.
  • Disability Support Pension (DSP) – This financial aid is for people who cannot work due to permanent physical, psychiatric or intellectual conditions. You must meet certain medical and non-medical criteria to be eligible for DSP.

Whatever type of pension you receive, loans for pensioners (including disability pension loans) can help you cover urgent costs when your regular payments don’t quite cut it.

Loans for Centrelink Pensioners

Some financial institutions don’t consider Centrelink payments as a source of income and therefore won’t seriously consider your application. This is why loans for Centrelink pensioners can sometimes be frustrating to find.

Cigno works with a wide range of lenders who do offer Centrelink pensioner loans, which is one reason our approval rate is so impressive.

So, if you’re receiving Centrelink benefits and need a quick cash loan, don’t lose hope. Apply with Cigno today and see if we can find a loan for you.

Loans for Pensioners with Bad Credit

If you receive a Centrelink pension and already have a poor credit score, you may have experienced judgement and rejection from banks when applying for a loan.

At Cigno, we truly believe in a fair go for everyone. Our judgement-free application process and network of open-minded lenders give you a better chance of getting approved for a loan for pensioners with bad credit. Many of the lenders we work with are more interested in your recent bank statements rather than your overall credit score because they understand your track record shouldn’t always be held against you.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow between $100 and $1,000 with Cigno. Learn how borrowing with Cigno works here and get a better understanding of our costs here.


Why choose Cigno Loans?

  • High approval rate – No matter what kind of pension you’re on, we believe in a fair go for everyone.
  • All applications considered – We work with lenders who will consider almost any application, including loans for Centrelink pensioners and loans for pensioners with bad credit. This is why we have such a high approval rating.
  • Fast and easy application – Our online platform lets you apply 24/7 from anywhere. It’s the fastest, easiest way to get a pensioner loan in Australia.


Apply for a Pensioner Loan Now

Cigno makes it quick and simple to apply for a loan for pensioners. It’s this easy:

  1. Complete the quick application – Our online application only asks for a bank statement and the key information we need.
  2. Get fast approval – Once you’ve been approved, we’ll email you the loan agreement and service agreement. Review and accept these online to go ahead with the loan.
  3. Receive your cash – You can receive your pensioner loan within hours when you apply with Cigno (subject to your bank). Approved loans are transferred instantly and will arrive in your account either the same day or the next morning.



We only ask for the essential information we need to process your application, and we keep these details secure. You’ll need to give us:

  • Some personal details
  • Bank statements.

Any future applications for pensioner loans will be processed even faster once we have your information on file.



Loans for pensioners come with varying fees depending on the lender, loan length, and other factors.  For more information about Cigno costs, please read here.