15 Inexpensive Things To Do With Friends

We obviously stress the importance of being financially savvy, enough so to achieve your objectives, but you still have to have fun right? A same day loan isn’t meant for a night out clubbing with your friends, but hopefully you have put away a little nest egg which you can dip into from time to time.

Luckily there are ways in which you can have fun, but still keep your wallet in your pocket! Continue reading to learn more frugal ways to socialise.

Socialising is essential for our wellbeing. We’re social animals, after all. But while hanging out with friends can be great for our happiness, it can also be brutal on the budget. Catch up for coffee. Drinks after work. See a band. Cover charge at the pub. Dinner at a restaurant. Fun stuff. But sheesh, does it add up.

What is the real aim of going out? Catching up with friends, being entertained, getting out of the house and meeting new people. All of this can be done on a budget.

Here are 15 ideas for things to do with little or no expense.


1. Potluck dinners

Staying in and having friends over for dinner has come back in vogue over the last few years. But you don’t have to do all the work. Try American idea of the potluck dinner, where everyone brings a dish to share. Or you could organise who brings what so you have nibbles, dinner and dessert covered.

The other alternative is to take turns entertaining amongst friends.

2. Game evenings

I think that games tend to be thought of as a little daggy, but I love board game evenings. An evening of Pictionary or Balderdash and a couple of bottles of wine can be absolutely hilarious.

But you don’t need to have board games. Improv games like charades can also be a lot of fun. We used to play a variation of charades when we were at Uni (grog free too!) that left us rolling around in stitches. If you’re interested, leave a comment and I’ll post the rules. Do a Google search for after dinner games and improv games for some ideas, or for something a little more adult only, try some drinking games.

3. Movie night

Hire a DVD (or stream a movie) or binge on Netflix together – entertainment at home is a lot cheaper than going to the cinema. And you don’t have to sit still or be as quiet.

For a free version, local libraries often hire movies for free, or raid your friend’s DVD collection and swap. For something interesting make it a theme night by watching all Hitchcock movies or all black and white classics, or musicals. Make some popcorn, dim the lights and bring out the pillows.

4. Cocktail evening

Drinking cocktails out can be very expensive, but you can have a cocktail party at home for a fraction of the price. Before hand, decide on a few cocktail recipes and ask everyone to bring one bottle and some nibbles and whatever extras you might need for cocktails. Tell people what to bring so that you are sure to have all the right ingredients.

5. Have high tea

High teas came back into vogue because there’s something sumptuous about fancy china and little cakes. Bring back a little yesteryear with a high tea.

6. Throw a barbeque

Bangers and mozzies is a wonderful way to while away a warm Sunday afternoon, maybe with a little cricket and a lot of chit chat.


7. Go on a picnic

A picnic is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. It can be as simple as throwing your dinner in a container to eat out (risotto is one of our favourite easy dinners on the beach) or taking a simple sandwich and eating in the park.

If you want to be more elaborate, share the burden of preparing food for a picnic by taking turns or everyone bringing something to share. Some parks offer BBQ facilities so plan ahead and check out what’s available.

8. Go hiking or biking

Explore the great outdoors for free with friends, and maybe throw in a swim or a picnic. You can often find free or low cost local guided tours that will show you the local or historical attractions of your town or point out key flora and fauna in your local national park.

9. Play a sport

Play some backyard cricket or shoot some hoops with your friends. No backyard? Take the Frisbee down to the local park or beach, it can be a great way to meet new people.

10. Go camping

Camping is fun, but camping is even more fun with a group of friends. Borrow, scrounge and share tents and other camping bits and bobs and enjoy some toasted marshmallows and ghost stories.

11. Go on an exercise date

A couple of years ago, my friend and I got motivated and met every week for a walk and talk. Exercising with a buddy or two takes away the boredom of exercise and you can motivate each other to get fit, all while catching up.


12. Free attractions

Museums, art galleries, zoos, markets can often be free or have free sections for the general unpaying public. It can be a good way to pass a leisurely afternoon. Public parks and beaches are also free.

Some non-free attractions may have free open days. For example, some paying museums have a free Saturday every month.

Don’t forget to check out your local library for free classes, author talks and other events too.

13. Support local bands

Going to see a local band can be a fraction of the cost of more popular band tickets. Pubs and cafe’s often have bands playing where you only pay the cost of a drink or two.

14. Learn to dance

You often get two for one at social dance lessons held at local community halls etc – the lesson first then a social dance afterwards.

15. Volunteer

This may seem like a strange entertainment suggestion, but if your wanting to get out and meet new, like-minded people, then one way to do so is to volunteer. And the benefits usually don’t stop there. Volunteer at a festival, concert, play or other entertainment event and you usually get free entry to the event as recompense.

Entertainment and socialising with friends doesn’t have to break the budget, but you can have just as much fun (or more fun) by adopting a few frugal entertainment ideas.

What frugal things do you like to do with friends?
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