Need an urgent loan? Cigno can help. We can act as your agent to assist you to apply to a lender who offers Emergency Loans.  Whether you have an unexpected bill, medical or repair cost, an Emergency Loan can help you get through to your next payday.

How much can I borrow?

$100| $200| $300| $400| $500| $600| $700| $800| $900| $1000|

What Is an Emergency Loan?

An Emergency Loan is a small loan of amounts up to $1,000.  These loans are typically used when an emergency expense occurs that cannot wait until your next payday.  Emergency Loans are designed to help you out when you most need them and are therefore typically assessed, approved, and disbursed on the same day as they are applied for.


Why You Might Need an Emergency Cash Loan

There’s a wide range of reasons you may find yourself needing an emergency cash loan. For example:

  • A natural disaster may lead to home repairs
  • An accident on the road might lead to car repairs
  • A power bill might be higher than you anticipated
  • An unexpected illness or accident might leave you with medical costs.

Whatever the reason Cigno can help.  We can act as your agent to assist your to apply for an Emergency Loan that can be approved and disbursed on the same day.

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Emergency Cash Loan Repayments

As part of the application process, you will have the opportunity to choose a repayment schedule that is affordable and corresponds with your payday.  It is important that you choose the repayment schedule that you can afford while still being able to pay your ongoing everyday expenses.  If not, then you should consider other options.


If during your loan, you cannot make a repayment when required, just let us know.  We as your agent will arrange a new affordable payment schedule.


Once you have repaid your loan, Cigno can assist you to apply for future loans whenever you need them.


Get an Emergency Loan Today with Cigno


Typically, we will only require your personal details such as your address and contact details and your recent 90-day bank statement.  If on the rare occasion we need further information is required, we will let know and work with you to get the application submitted as quickly as possible.  We only ask for the information we need, and we keep all your data safe and secure.


We strive to offer a service that makes applying for a loan as quick and as easy as possible.



When you make your application, we will provide you with all the relevant information regarding our fees and any lender costs.  You can also read about these in advance on our Costs page