5 Reasons You Might Need A Quick Cash Loan Today

It’s never a bad idea to keep a healthy stash of cash kept safe for a rainy day. Haven’t quite managed to build a bad day fund yet? Then you’ll need a good idea of what you’ll do if something very unlucky pops up. In this article, we’ll be looking at 5 reasons you might need a quick cash loan today. Have a look through to see why it’s so important to have a payday loan solution ready and waiting in your back pocket. We’ll start with:

  1. Unexpected bills

This is one of the most common reasons for people to need money urgently. If we ignore bills for too long, charges can be applied and you’ll find youself being planted with a bill that’s larger than you expected. You can delay payment until your next payday and face further charges, or you can use a payday loan to pay it off now knowing you’ll have the money in a couple of weeks to pay for the loan. Weigh up the costs of delaying payment on the bill vs the total costs of the loan, and you’ll have your answer.

  1. The boiler gives up

When the boiler shuts down, you’re whole life can seem to stop. This is one of those repairs that absolutely needs to happen right away. It’s also one of the more expensive things that can go wrong around the house. With a fast short-term loan, you can have the funds in y,our account within hours which means you can get an emergency repair expert to pop over the day it happens. No cold showers for you!

  1. The fridge calls it quits

If you’ve had your fridge for many years without giving it any maintenance work, you should consider it a ticking time bomb. You can either let your food rot or get it fixed as soon as possible. If you work full-time, this will compound the issue. You don’t have time to be waiting around for repairmen, let alone figuring out what to do with all your chilled food. What if the fridge is totally toast and you need to buy a new one?

If you don’t have that kind of money sitting in your account, you’ll need a quick cash loan today that doesn’t take ages to apply for, doesn’t come with any awkward conversations, and gives you the funds you need the same day to get things sorted.

  1.  Car trouble  

Use your car for work? If it doesn’t start in the morning and you live somewhere remote, you’ll find youself in quite a pickle. It’s not just something you can live with so you’ll have to either find your way via the closest local transport or hitch a ride from a buddy until you can afford to get your car repaired. Sound good? No we don’t think so either. With a payday loan you’ll be able pay for the repairs much sooner, avoid crazy hassle, and not get fired.    

  1. To buy food & supplies

All it takes is a tiny bit of misjudgement and you’re monthly budget can be spent before the month is out. We’ve all done it. Whether you’ve accidentally bought too many clothes or just booked a sensible holiday and got the numbers slightly wrong, this common error shouldn’t exactly be punishable by starvation until your next payday.

It’s never a good idea to play the delay game with the rent, so you can get a quick cash loan to stay supplied, well nourished, and properly prepared for the work days ahead. At Cigno Loans, we try to do all we can to ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible. You can apply in the morning and have the funds the same day!

Run into any of these killer issues and you’ll be desperate for a very quick injection of cash. Need a quick cash loan today? Our application process can be completed online from your mobile phone. The most important items you’ll need for the process is a government issued ID and your most recent bank statements to prove your level of income.

We hope this quick list of reasons to be prepared has helped! By having a good idea of the quick loan solutions available, you’ll be best placed to get things sorted the day they happen.

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