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We’re all looking for clever money-saving hacks we can implement at home without drastically changing our lifestyles. Here are 10 to help you on your way.


1. Use the food you already have

We all have food in the back of the cupboard or pantry that we just keep forgetting to cook.

Take a Sunday afternoon off, pull all your food out of the cupboard, and catalogue it all. You should be able to find a few essential ingredients that you can build a meal out from, meaning your weekly shop should be a little bit cheaper this week. Saving money on groceries is a great way to save money around the house. (As an added bonus, when you put things back into the cupboard, you can tidy it, so you never forget what’s in there again.)


2. DIY what you can

There are some tasks you will need a professional for, but smaller chores around the house might be something you can do yourself as a way of saving money at home.

You can even extend the DIY attitude to other aspects, like gifts. Not only can handmade gifts save you money, but they’re often more heartfelt than bought gifts.

Want to fix up your home to save money in the long run, but don’t have the cash upfront right now? Consider getting a quick loan so you can get started on that project.


3. Avoid the AC and the heater

Minimising the power bill is one of the best and simplest hacks to save money, and heating and cooling are two of the biggest costs on most heating bills.

  • In the colder months, wear thicker clothes, warm robes, and blankets to stay cosy.
  • In the warmer months, stay cool with showers, drinks, and a swim if you can get out to the pool or beach.

Do all you can before you turn to the air conditioner or heater. If you do turn on heating or cooling, close all the doors. You don’t need to change the temperature of a room you’re not in and doing so will just waste power and prevent you from saving money at home.


4. Turn off appliances you’re not using

When looking at how to save money at home, appliances are another secretly costly element. Save electricity at home to save overall on your power bill. Turn off any appliance you’re not using, especially at night. The only appliance you need on at night is any security system you use and your alarm clock.


5. Use LED bulbs

Another of the easy hacks to save money when it comes to your power bill is to invest in energy-efficient light bulbs. Traditional bulbs waste more power than they need to use to illuminate your home. LED bulbs use the power more efficiently and so they use less power.


6. Reconsider all those streaming services

A lot of us have more than one streaming service, and we probably don’t need them all. When you add up Foxtel, Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hayu, Spotify Premium, and anything else we’ve missed, it equals a lot of content! You don’t have enough hours in the day to watch all that content. Review which ones you really need and cancel (or at least suspend) your subscription to the rest.


7. Switch to cloth

One of the most vintage and potentially glamorous money-saving hacks is switching to cloth.

Cloth napkins and tablecloths can save you money in the long run and can make each dinner feel like a formal affair. When a cloth napkin gets dirty, you can just pop it in the washing machine instead of buying a new one like you have to with paper napkins.

Cloth nappies or diapers are also popular, especially as little ones are transitioning to no nappies and are less likely to have accidents.


8. Minimise ordering in and having takeaway

There are some days when you’re just not in the mood to cook and a burger delivered to your door sounds ideal. However, if you’re wondering how to save money around the house, try minimising your orders on UberEats/Deliveroo/DoorDash/Menulog.

Try meal prepping if you know you’ll be too exhausted to cook a full meal each evening, and you should find saving money at home gets a bit easier.

Consider starting a Meal Prep Sunday at your home. That way you can take lunch into work instead of buying lunch out and you’ll have dinner ready to go and won’t be tempted to order in!


9. Grow your own veggies

If you’ve got the garden space, invest in some seeds and seedlings and grow your own produce! Even if you only grow herbs on your balcony, that means you don’t have to buy those herbs during the next trip to the grocery shop. Stick to easier plants like mint and rosemary if you don’t have a green thumb but still want to try these organic hacks to save money at home.


10. Don’t go out

Our last tip on how to save money at home is to stay home more. Instead of going out for drinks, invite friends around. They can bring their own drinks and you can even do a potluck-style meal with everyone bringing a part of the meal and sharing the cost.

With these 10 hacks, you won’t be wondering how to save money around the house anymore – you’ll be saving those extra dollars to put towards something more important.