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At Cigno Loans, we receive applications everyday from people who are in desperate need of financial support. We also receive quite a few applications from people who should think twice about taking a short-term loan for their intentions. As a responsible emergency cash loan provider, it’s in our best interest to only offer loans to people that really need them.

In this article, we’re looking at 4 situations where your need for such support is fully justified. The next time you’re in one of these situations and you’re short on cash to pay for the costs, we’ll be happy to help! Here they are:


  1. Need a new cooker or fridge

These are items that most families can’t live without. When the cooker or fridge goes bust while you’re short on cash, you’ll have no choice but to find the means to buy a new one as quickly as possible. Our loans are available within 24 hours of your approval, so they are perfect for situations where the money is required the same day.

How do we make the loans so fast? We don’t waste time with credit checks or an overly complicated process. We understand how important it is for the service to be as efficient as possible, so we’ve designed every step of our product to be smooth and super sharp.


  1.  Your car’s broken down

Your car is vital for many things, but the most important reasons you probably have it is for safety and transport to work. If it’s a sports car you keep locked up in the garage, then the repair can probably wait until you can afford to spend you own money on it. But if you use your car for everyday essentials, you won’t be able to live without it.   

Find yourself struggling quite often? There’s bound to be loads of ways you can save if you really put your mind to it. Whether you work full time for a salary or currently rely on welfare like Centrelink for your living, we’re prepared to consider anyone with a steady income they can work with.  

To make the process as practical as possible, we pay the emergency cash straight to your personal bank account. This means not having to hold the lump sum at any point if you don’t want to, not having to head out to pick it up, and an electronic transfer that takes seconds to arrive in most cases.  


  1. A big leak in the roof

This isn’t something anyone should have to tolerate even when money is tight. Leaving the situation to worsen could be a safety risk. Our loans for first time borrowers has a limit of $500. This should be enough to help people get through the most urgent situations while controlling the max amount that is accessible.

A lot of people see payday loans as a means to fund activities that we wouldn’t consider safe. So to remain as responsible as we can be, we have to be careful with how much we offer to new customers. We don’t condone gambling and never think it’s a good idea to borrow using a short-term loan in order to buy luxury or unnecessary items.

Holidays are the other major temptation. There are plenty of ways to plan a budget holiday without having to max out your credit cards or seeking an excessive personal loan. Looking to take a trip that’s absolutely vital for personal reasons? Then that’s a very different issue and one we’d certainly be prepared to help with.


  1. You need groceries for the coming weeks

It’s easy nowadays to get your finances mixed up and to spend more than you usually do. Lose track too quickly and you could find yourself lacking the cash to buy basic essentials for the month. When payday is just a few weeks away, a few hundred dollars would be more than enough to get you there.  

Our entire application process can be completed online through our website which means you can effectively send the form through 24/7. As soon as we get your application, we’ll get back to you with an offer as soon as we can. If you agree to the terms that are clearly presented in the offer, we’ll have your emergency cash paid to your account within moments.  

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