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Getting a fast cash advance when you’re short on money is not the impossible task it used to be. In this article, we’re highlighting 4 ways you can access a quick injection of cash that’ll help you make ends meet until your next payday. Have a look through these quick payout options and see if any meets your individual needs. We’ll start with:

A payday loan

Here at Cigno Loans, we offer short-term payday loans for up to $500. These loans are suitable for urgent situations where you need to cover an emergency cost but have run out of cash this month. If you’re in steady employment, you can take one of these loans for the amount you need and pay back what you owe on your next payday.

Don’t have the best credit score? With this form of fast cash advance, you don’t need a stellar credit score. At Cigno, the main thing we need to see is how much you earn every month. As long as we can see your level of income, we can offer you an amount that is perfectly appropriate for your financial circumstances. The last thing we want to see is any of our customers fall into further debts, so we do all we can to offer an amount that we can see is very affordable for you.

An advance from work

This might be an option if you have been a valuable employee at your place of work for some time. The more your records show that you’ve been a model employee, the greater the chance that your management will feel confident in providing you a fast cash advance on your salary or wages.

Not been working in your current job for very long? It’s still well worth asking as they may give you more details on the conditions you would need to fulfill even if they cant approve you right now. If it doesn’t work this time, at least you’ll have an idea of whether or not it’s a possibility in the future.   

As a side note; if you find youself continuously running short of money month to month, it might be worth considering downsizing some of the things you pay for most regularly. Examples might include decreasing your TV package, unsubscribing from services you can live without and perhaps moving to save on rent.

Cash from pawn shops or selling online

Pawn shops offer short-term loans in exchange for valuable items. Pay back what you borrowed along with the added charges they apply and you can have the item back. Fail to pay, and the pawnbroker is entitled to keep your precious item. You’ll need to take your items into the store and sign a contract that details this agreement in full. Always take care to read the agreement properly before taking the money.

If you don’t like the idea of dealing with a pawnbroker, then you can consider selling your most precious items online. This can take longer than a few days to list, find a buyer, process the transaction and receive the funds, but it’s a way to make cash without needing to use a credit card or taking a loan.

Taking a loan from friends or family  

Money can have a serious impact on your relationship with friends and close relations. Many of the most experienced money experts tend to advise against borrowing large sums of money from people you care for. When it comes to smaller faster cash loans, you still need to be just as careful.

Think about how your loan might impact their life, especially if they have a partner and children to support. You might think someone seems financially free on the face of things, but they themselves might be struggling, so it can be a very touchy subject to bring up.

In an ideal world, you’ll borrow what you need and pay it back without any issue. But if things go wrong like they always can, you’ll have the emotional side of the transaction to worry about on top of the financial implications. In the vast majority of cases, it’s better to keep your own finances separate to those of other individuals and aim to solve your costs with solutions from professional vendors rather than relying on help from relations.

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