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Renovating your home can be very expensive, particularly if there are structural issues at play. Sometimes, these renovations need to be set back by weeks, months or years to ensure you have the finances to cover the cost. But when you are in the headspace of renovating, all you really want to do is get stuck in!

So, what to do if you can’t perform those much needed landscaping duties? Taking out walls and adding a new bedroom, bathroom, or entire floor? Why not focus on the surface? Renovating your interior decor is easy, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! It’s always nice to make a change, and decorating your home is the easiest way to do that. Below you will find a great list of ways to begin your home makeover on a budget!

If you are trying to save money and spend less, doing up a room might seem low on your list of priorities. But there’s good news. You can do it anyway. You can makeover a room for a song these days, if you are super clever about it. Read on to find out how.

Love Paint

Paint isn’t too expensive, so it’s a good place to start on your budget makeover. Of course, doing something as simple as changing the colour of the walls can make a huge difference to the look and feel of any room.

To get a light and airy room, go for light and white paint tones. Or to create a cosy paradise go for warmer earthy shades. At the moment gunmetal grey is bang on trend too, and don’t be afraid of making a feature out of it by painting furniture and fireplaces in the same colour, for an ultra modern effect.

Work with light

However, if it’s too much hassle or money to repaint the entire room, then you may want to consider painting with light instead. This is when you use the natural and artificial light that you have in a room to create a different mood.

For example, it is surprising, the effect, removing a pair of heavy curtains can have. Especially if you install a blind like the ones available from Carpet Court instead. This can make a smaller room look bigger, and opens up the wall space to allow more light in.

Consider smart lights to create certain scenes in your room. You can change the look and feel of a room with the touch of a button. All this – without the hassle and cost of any redecorating!

Change the soft furnishings

Another excellent tip for redecorating on a budget is to change the soft furnishings in a room. This can have a huge effect on the way the room looks, without having to replace anything of too-high value.

Keep your carpets, sofa, as well as your furniture. Just get new cushions, bedspreads, and pillows.

Pick a colour or pattern that goes well with the original colour scheme. But try and make it different enough so that it feels changed from how you had the room before.

Bold geometric patterns are the best way of doing this, because they make such an impact. Everyone will notice a big improvement.

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Clean It

Finally, if your home is crying out for a makeover, but you just don’t have the budget for it, try deep cleaning rooms instead. While this isn’t as much fun as going to the store and picking out new cushions and throws, you’ll enjoy this cleanse.

This makes an amazing difference to how a room looks. Pull out all the furniture and clean underneath. Pack away all clutter and get a nice air freshener too. You may be surprised at how much you actually do like this room when it’s clean. So maybe you don’t need that makeover as urgently as you thought.

Decorating is not only fun, but can be a great way to breathe life into your living space to create a sense of positive change. Remember that furnishing a new or existing place can be done on a budget. But, if you do need a quick loan, get in touch with Cigno who might be able to offer a solution.

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