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Need cash right away but don’t want to deal with a bank? We don’t blame you! At Cigno Loans, we know just how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to get a standard loan or overdraft in a hurry. In this article, we’re highlighting the best reasons to consider a payday loan when you’re in a tight spot and need a little help securing a fast cash loan without a bank. Have read through and find out why these loans are becoming so popular. Let’s start with:

Payday loans don’t require a good credit history

If you’ve had bad luck with other loans, credit cards, or late payments in the past, it won’t hurt your chances of getting a payday loan. We care more about your ability to pay back comfortably than your credit score. This is why we pay more attention to your current level of income than we do to any credit reports. Show us that you’re in gainful employment with a good record for earning regular income, and we’ll be happy to consider you further for a very fast loan.

The banks will only lend to those that have a stellar track record with credit, which is why they have such strict and prolonged processes to ensure they only offer finance products to prime applicants. We have a far more open and understanding approach, which allows us to help more people that really need it.

If you’re looking to improve your credit history, a good way to do it would be to successfully take a payday loan and ensure you pay it back in full well within the arranged deadline. Not only is this a positive move in terms of your credit score, it’s also a great way to make us very confident of accepting you for future loans.

Speed is a top priority

More people are living in the city and enjoying faster paced lives than ever before. We understand that when you’re facing a tough financial situation, timing is everything. Short term loans are designed to be paid out as quickly as possible, the application can be completed online, and the money is paid directly to your bank account the same day. Everything about a payday loan is intended to make it a fast and reliable solution to fit around your busy schedule.

If something in your house has shut down or any other financial emergency has sprung up, the last thing you want is to have to go marching around to local bank branches looking for options. In the vast majority of cases, applicants can complete their payday loan forms online. If you prefer to call and speak to someone, that’s fine too. You’ll be able to arrange your short term-loan in the morning before work and have the money arrive in your account during the day so that it’s ready for you when you come home.

Better customer service

One of the most concerning things about taking credit from banks, is their strict agreement policies. Whether you’re taking a credit card, overdraft or standard loan, as soon as you miss one payment, their charges can go through the roof. We like to be far more open minded with a more personal approach.

If you think you’ll have trouble making a scheduled payment, you can contact us right away and we’ll do all we can to make amendments to the agreement. It’s in our best interest to make the process run as smoothly as possible, so we’re more on your side than the banks ever could be.

If you’ve been pretty good at saving money in the past, you might already have a relationship with a bank that you trust. The thing is, they’ll never do anything quickly because they’ll always have to follow a strict set of protocols to check your current status and the condition of any accounts you hold with them.

All you need to get a loan from us is an official ID and a bank statement showing your current level of income. We welcome any applicants in need of a fast loan for any specific cash amount. We hope this explanation of has helped! If you need a fast cash loan without the bank, we’re here to ensure you get the funds needed until your next round of pay has arrived.  

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For more information about how to get cash loans without a bank, please don’t hesitate to contact the Cigno team.

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