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A bad credit score can be a hurdle for you to get approved for a loan, as it shows on your credit report. Now, improving your credit score makes a double whop — but it’s doable.

Aside from the usual approach, like on-time bill payments, avoiding multiple loan applications, and cancelling unused credit cards, there are other ways to improve your credit score.

Getting approval is not guaranteed, however, here are some tips to better your score and keep it looking good.


Credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, and illion (formerly Dun & Bradstreet) can help you monitor by providing your credit report for free.

Your credit report shows all the positive or negative factors that contribute to your score. It gives you all the information you need that allows you to make it better. You can also fix errors on your credit file, such as discrepancies in your personal details (different address on two accounts).

Under soft pull check, specialist lenders can also evaluate your loan application. This way, lenders can have an overall idea of your financial status and it won’t go on your credit file. Otherwise, this could have a negative effect on your score.

Note: Credit score differs depending on the credit bureau.

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Keep a consistent home address

It’d be harder for the lender to track you down — which would affect your score negatively, if you change your residence too often.

If you’re planning to make a loan application, you should stay in the same place for a few months.

Consolidation loan

There are financial institutions specialising with consolidation loan. Consolidation could be a better option if you have multiple debts. This way, you only have one loan to worry about.

This helps to boost your credit score as the quicker the principal could be paid off, the quicker you have to deal with the balance. There’s a tax break too!

So, clear those debts and avoid them in the future.


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Bad credit loans in Australia

Having bad credit doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. Foreclosures, late payments, and even bankruptcies will fall off your reports after a certain amount of time.

The bottom line is that it’s possible to find lenders who will work with you and your bad credit.

Cigno is more understanding of your needs and circumstances.

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