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Once in awhile you need to catch up on your expenses, however, you don’t have an emergency fund. You might want to look into fast cash loans.

What is a fast cash loan?

A fast cash loan is essentially a cash advance. Based on your lender, your income, and your credit history — this type of loan differs.

Most credits being offered range from $100 to $2,000, sometimes it can reach up to $5,000. Expect a limited loan amount if you’re a first time borrower.

The Australian government is in charge of monitoring the fees and charges on this type of loan. You’ll be charged a 20% establishment fee and a 4% monthly fee for a $2,000 loan amount. Anything more than $2,000 can charge up to 48%.

For assessment, you have to submit the requirements and documentation, including your latest 3-month bank statement. Then, there’s the verdict!

Expect a short turnaround time in the whole fast cash loan application process as it’s mostly done online. Usually, the cash is credited directly into your bank account once you’re approved.

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Fast cash loans in Australia

Fast cash loans in Australia can give you funds you need with a lesser repayment term. Included are establishment fee, monthly fee, and other charges depending on the agreed loan structure.

Cigno offers fast cash loan products that’s suitable for you. Repayments can be made in step with your payday cycle. Options are weekly or fortnightly, depending on your income. The calculated repayment amount is matched with your capacity to repay the loan.

It’s Cigno’s priority to make your repayments painless, easy, and predictable.

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