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Where else but Cigno Loans?

Cigno is an industry leader in responsible lending, providing various personal loan products designed to suit the needs of various people. There is no one loan fits all approach.

We offer short-term cash advances of up to $1000. You may be wondering why you need to get a personal loan? The reasons differ from person to person. Learn some of the most common reasons to request emergency cash.

We are committed to helping the everyday Australian relieve their financial stresses through an easy-to-use, great lending product. Cigno only encourages our customers to borrow in time of need, when repayment is possible and affordable.

Read more about responsible borrowing here.

At Cigno, we consider every loan application and don’t ask ridiculous personal questions. It doesn’t matter if you receive Centrelink benefits or have a six figure salary, every person deserves the same level of respect.

Easy application

Time and time again, our customers praise our unique and easy application process. It is an online form, plain and simple. Fill the form out, attach a bank statement, click submit, then one of our customer service specialists will be in touch.

No face-to-face meetings. No complex application that drags out over the course of weeks. When you need a personal loan fast, you need Cigno. We are here to help you through times of financial difficulty.

Fast approval

Been approved? Excellent. Expect to be notified of your approval status within hours of application submission. If you see an email in your inbox with a thumbs up, you will see loan and service agreements attached. Tick. Signature. Send.

Sound too good to be true?

Receive cash

Once you have checked your inbox and sent the signed agreements back to Cigno, check your bank account! Funds will generally appear in your balance in a matter of hours. Same day loans! How is the convenience? Particularly if your financial situation is looking dire.

Be sure to get your personal loan application signed, sealed and sent by close of business. Any emergency cash requests received after 5pm will arrive in your hands the next day, not the same.

Loan calculator

Our commitment to customer experience meant innovation through the development of a loan calculator. Originally, this part of the personal loan application was reserved for the face-to-face meeting. No more time wasting!

The Cigno loan calculator lets you know in seconds whether a same day loan is right for you. Check it out here.

Why do you need financial assistance? 

The reasons differ greatly, but a common one we find is the need for venture capital. Are you starting a small business? Are you a stay-at-home parent planning on bringing in some extra income day to day?

Cigno offers short-term personal loans to budding business men and women.

There are some things you need to know prior to application though. Have a read of this great article: 5 things to do before you apply for a small business loan

Our products have helped now-successful businesses get off the ground. The borrowed money may help finance a new computer for graphic design work; marketing collateral to disseminate through the local neighbourhood; or even digital marketing money like domain purchase, website hosting and Google AdWords credit.

Whatever the reason, Cigno Loans is here to help like we have always done. Australians in every state and territory trust us when it comes to providing financial aid.  If you have bad credit, consider a personal loan for bad credit

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, or simply need a financial boost before payday, click through to personal loans to begin your application.

You can also read more about personal loans here: 7 Common Reasons For Short Term Cash Advance Loans

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  1. Please i need yous to call me asap changing my payment until next Thursday the 15/3/18 luke Raymond Edward Peters

  2. Can i please pay on Tuesday 27 as i cant pay this week as i have to go to a funeral and help my family out through this hard time thank you merika please get back to me asap

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