Private Health Insurance: What Is It & Do I Need It?

As premiums of private health insurance rise faster than wages or inflation, most Australians—young ones in particular—are discarding private health insurance, not considering it a top priority. In 2018, the number of young adults taking out health insurance dropped by nearly 7%. Should they reconsider? Is private health insurance worth the investment? What Is Private […]

Where To Get A Personal Loan Fast?

hand gesturing to receive money

Where else but Cigno Loans? Cigno is an industry leader in responsible lending, providing various personal loan products designed to suit the needs of various people. There is no one loan fits all approach. We offer short-term cash advances of up to $1000. You may be wondering why you need to get a personal loan? The […]

Emergency Cash: No Emergency Fund? Here’s What to Do

Emergencies are unexpected, and sometimes you need emergency cash to take care of them. If you need more than what you have, this guide is for you. Knowing where to find fast emergency cash can make all the difference when an urgent need comes up. Maybe a major illness strikes. Or an accident or natural […]