Top 9 Cheap Weekend Ideas

Some weekends are good for catching up on chores and doing adult things. Other weekends are reserved for special functions (weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and so on).

But, every now and then, you get treated to a free weekend – the perfect opportunity for some proper relaxation and fun with your partner, your family, your friends, or even just yourself.

You don’t need to make it rain dollar bills to make your free weekends worthwhile. These cheap weekend ideas will see you through to Monday without dipping into your savings account.

We’ve split the ideas into 3 categories to help you find the right cheap things to do this weekend:

  • Cheap weekend ideas for couples
  • Cheap weekend activities for families
  • Cheap weekend ideas for groups of friends.

Cheap Weekend Ideas for Couples

Couple Making a Playlist - Cigno Loans

1. Make a Mixtape/Playlist Together

Learn more about each other’s musical tastes while enjoying some tunes (and maybe some debates!) together. Will your individual playlists complement each other like Beyoncé and Jay Z on Crazy in Love? Or will they clash and burn like Britney and Iggy on Pretty Girls? There’s only one way to find out.

If all goes well, you could even make your shared playlist your go-to soundtrack for road trips together.

2. Take a Trip to the Markets

Take a stroll, grab some cheap snacks, bag a bargain – local markets always provide a fun day out, making them a great source of cheap weekend activities for couples. Just make sure it’s the right Saturday or Sunday of the month for the markets to be on.

Fun idea: Take 30 minutes apart to see who can find the quirkiest gift for under $15, then meet back up and exchange your presents.

3. Go Roller Skating

Head to your nearest roller blading rink or strap on your own skates and hit the local pathways. Either way, you’re sure to have a wheelie fun time rolling along together. If you’re taking to the streets, make a checklist of landmarks in your city and challenge yourself to stop by all of them.

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Cheap Weekend Activities for Families

Family Playing Football - Cigno Loans

4. Play Footy in the Park

You don’t need many supplies or any money for this one. Just grab the football, pack the kids into the car, and find a free patch of grass at the park. Your backyard might even do the trick if it’s big enough.

5. Discover a New Cuisine (and Culture)

Choose a cuisine the kids have never tried before. Spend the afternoon reading about that country together (Wikipedia is a good starting point) while listening to relevant musical artists. Then, treat the family to dinner at a nearby restaurant that specialises in that style of food (or cook your own at home if you’re feeling brave!).

This is a great way to expose your children to a different culture as well as expanding their culinary horizons.

6. Make a Maze with the Lawn Mower

Bored kids? Overgrown backyard? Kill two birds with one lawn mower.

Find a simple labyrinth pattern online, then follow it as you mow the grass. Let your little ones solve the maze while you have a cold one, then finish the mowing.

Cheap Weekend Ideas for Groups of Friends

Friends Having a Picnic - Cigno Loans

7. Have a Picnic at the Playground

Gather your friends. Pack a basket full of snacks. Bring any card games, frisbees, musical instruments and picnic blankets you’ve got. Suddenly you’re ready for a great day outside.

Bonus points if your local park has a playground. Relive your childhood days by having a swing and a slide. Just don’t hog the equipment to yourselves if there are actual kids there playing!

8. Organise a Scavenger Hunt

  • Zany photos with strangers? Check.
  • Discovering new parts of the city? Check.
  • Rushing from location to location with your best mates? Check.

A scavenger hunt is a great cheap weekend activity for large groups of friends. You just need someone to volunteer to organise it all. Sounds like a job for the mum of the friend group.

9. Test Yourselves at a Trivia Night

Most pub trivia nights are relatively cheap to enter, and then you only need to pay for any food and drinks you consume along the way (eat beforehand to minimise your costs). If you’re friends with a bunch of brainiacs, you might even come away with a nifty prize at the end of the night.

A wonderful weekend doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to these cheap weekend ideas. But if you do need a little extra cash to get you through to Monday, consider a small cash loan from Cigno. We approve applications quickly – even on weekends.

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