Christmas Gifts Or Boxing Day Sales

In ecommerce, retailers get their pre-Christmas run in until the cut off. Before Christmas even happens, they will kick off their post-Christmas / Boxing Day sales.

For retailers, Christmas is effectively over once the pre-Christmas delivery cut off past.

“We always try to err on the side of being a bit conservative and once we are no longer confident gifts will get there by Christmas, we start our sale.” — Kate Morris, founder of Adore Beauty

Boxing Day sales

With more than $25 million turn over annually, many expect trade at the retailer to be strong during the sale.

As Australia’s biggest retail body predict, shoppers will show up around the country for Boxing Day sales. With pretty good deals and offers, people do spend more money at this time.

Although sales will start before Christmas, expects Boxing Day to be busy for online trade.

There’s been a shift towards online and mobile shopping as Australia’s changing Boxing Day shopping habits. Some people still like to run through the doors on Boxing Day morning though.

To avoid stress, Australians look for the best deals before Boxing Day, so expect to see sales appear even before the day itself.

With major retail chains, sales are not limited to online. Although, the big retailers are holding out until Boxing Day.

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Holding firm

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) expects the Boxing Day sales and the post-Christmas period to be strong.

“Boxing Day is still a very important point in the retail calendar and I suppose some try and get the competitive advantage by going earlier but the majority try and keep their margin as long as they can,” — Russell Zimmerman, ARA head

Although, also consider a chance of retail fatigue as most customers are already done with their Christmas shopping.

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