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The government’s Centrelink program is there to help those who need it most, but what happens when the funding you receive isn’t quite enough? In this article we’re going to be looking at the best ways you can access a Centrelink Loan that fits your circumstances. Have a read through these pointers to see if a short-term solution might be the ideal option for your urgent financial situation.

Payday loans with instant payouts

Cigno Loans offers payday loans and microloans to people who need cash as soon as possible. As well as those in full-time employment, we also like to provide help to people outside of work that are living on welfare and need a Centrelink Loan to get them through the month. Sometimes, the money you receive from benefit payments just isn’t enough. When you find yourself short on money and unable to pay for necessities, the most ideal solution would be a fast injection of emergency cash from a reliable source. This is exactly what we aim to bring you.

Handling your income and finances isn’t always easy. New costs can come up and people run out of cash from time to time. When you find yourself in this situation, your options can be quite limited. You can take a loan from a friend or try and pull off some extra work on the side, but how quickly will these ideas payout and give you the funds you need right away? With our payday loans, we usually try to have the money reach you within 24 hours of accepting your application.

You can apply for a payday loan with bad credit

Your credit score isn’t all that important when it comes to short-term Centrelink Loans. All we need to see is your latest bank statements to ensure you have the steady income needed to pay us back within the coming months. If your credit score is really low, you may have tried applying for credit elsewhere and found nothing but rejection. We like to be far more open minded and understanding of different peoples needs, so we’ll still consider your application even if your credit rating is really low.

You can apply for the exact amount you need online or over the phone

Modern living is filled with money challenges, and when you’re living on a limited income, things can pop up that you didn’t expect. We always advise that borrowers only take exactly what they need to cover their most urgent costs. Take too much and your final bill will be higher. It’s never a good idea to spend your loan on things you don’t need. Our short-terms solutions are designed to help you with emergencies, not entertainment or luxury purchases.

The most convenient way to apply is online. Using the Cigno loans website you can complete your application anytime of the day or night. Prefer speaking to someone? Our friendly team is available during daytime office hours to help you through the application process if this is your preference. Once we have your application, we’ll do everything we can to send you an offer within hours!  

Repay successfully and we’ll be happy to lend to you in future

Find yourself struggling on a regular basis? If you take your first loan with us and repay without issue, we’ll be more than happy to continue lending to you with even faster processing times in future. If you can prove to us that you are a responsible borrower by paying back what you owe exactly as agreed in your loan terms, you’ll have faster access to our services should you need more help at some point down the line. Our basic loan limit is $500, but we may be able to offer higher amounts to people that have borrowed from us on numerous occasions before without issue.

There you have it! A payday loan could be one of your best options when seeking instant funding. Whether you’ve just started receiving Centrelink benefits or have been for a while now, as soon as you need cash fast, Cigno can offer you a short-term loan that’s paid out within hours. Remember, you’ll need your bank statements and at least one form of official government ID to complete your application.      

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