Tips to Help You Lodge Your Tax Return

Tips For Lodging Your Tax Return - Cigno Loans

When it comes to claiming your tax each year, you’re entitled to claim deductions numerous expenses — many of which are work-related expenses. In order to maximise your tax return, it’s best to understand just what you can claim and the best way to lodge your return – whether it be via a tax agent, […]

Ways To Stretch the Holiday Budget Further

Overspent For The Holidays Ways To Stretch The Budget Further - Cigno Loans Australia

The holidays are fun and during this time, it’s easy to forget about your budget and splurge. Wondering how to stretch the budget further after you’ve had a holiday blowout? The festivities can continue throughout the year with some careful planning. The more preparation you put in, the more you’ll be rewarded. Here are ways […]

5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Bills

5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Bills - Cigno Loans Australia

Some small changes in your habits can better help with your savings, budgeting practices, and reducing your bills. Follow these tips! 1. Clothes When buying clothes, check if you can wash them yourself to avoid dry cleaning services. Make sure the clothes you buy can be mixed and matched so you can have more options […]

Leasing vs Buying A Car


Have you ever bought a new car only to be told it would have been better if you had leased it instead? It can be hard to choose between leasing or buying a car because both have their advantages and disadvantages. Aside from access to a reliable car, leasing offers another huge advantage — a […]

10 Easily Forgotten Expenses

10 Easily Forgotten Monthly Expenses - Cigno Loans

According to a study, it appears most Australians can’t tell the exact amount they spend on expenses. As a result, they usually forget to include some into their budget. The following are the easily forgotten expenses on a regular basis. 1. Annual physical We are supposed to have an annual physical and go to the […]

Emergency Savings Fund! How Much Is Enough?

Emergency Savings! How Much Is Enough - Cigno Loans

“Those who prepared for all the emergencies of life beforehand may equip themselves at the expense of joy.” — E. M. Forster No matter how good things are, it can always go bad. It could be a family emergency, a medical exigency, or a car breakdown. You could weather these storms with an emergency savings […]