6 Steps To Achieving Financial Freedom

Stepping on the path to financial freedom is not as quick as in Google Maps, where you can plan your route and account for any traffic on the way. Unless you’re a lottery winner, you have to exert time, hard work and sacrifice to be financially independent. Perhaps that doesn’t sound fun, but even lottery […]

Bad Financial Habits Sending Aussies Broke

One-third of Aussies admit bad financial habits such as not knowing how to budget, using cash advances on credit cards, racking up late fees on credit facilities, and not paying attention to debt are the reasons for their personal debt situation. People who experience money problems and chronic debt often share similar behaviours and financial […]

Getting Your Finances Back On Track After The Festive Season

Have you overspent at Christmas? Don’t beat yourself up about it—it’s the holidays, after all. Here’s how to get your finances back on track after the festive season. The parties came and went. You spent too much on food, presents, or perhaps a holiday trip. Chances are, your bank balance is not looking good after […]

Private Health Insurance: What Is It & Do I Need It?

As premiums of private health insurance rise faster than wages or inflation, most Australians—young ones in particular—are discarding private health insurance, not considering it a top priority. In 2018, the number of young adults taking out health insurance dropped by nearly 7%. Should they reconsider? Is private health insurance worth the investment? What Is Private […]

Why It’s So Hard to Save on Low Income

Man with a rope tug a war with money a dollar sign

When you’re in your 20s, you will most likely be on a limited income. You may even be struggling on a minimum wage. That’s a problem because according to experts, you should be saving up to 20 percent of your income each month. This means experts recommend that a significant portion of your income is stored […]

Strange Ways To Save!

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Now that we are well and truly into 2018, what are you doing to keep those coins in your back pocket? Looking to buy a house? A new car? A splurge item? Whatever is on your ‘need’ or ‘want’ list is achievable, you just need to know how. Not purchasing the smaller items like coffees […]

How to Save While Traveling

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The best ways to save some dollars while travelling are: opt for budget airlines, avoid travelling long distance by train, share the rides, opt for a cheap rental car or hire a car outside city limits, use a smart card for public transport and use public transport to airport. “Who claims that it’s too expensive […]

The Best Financial Advice You’ve Never Heard Of

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Ever wonder where the money goes? 90% of Australian’s are stressed about money. What most don’t realize is that the quickest route to having more money is to simply be smarter with the money they have. The key is financial planning. Sadly, this subject doesn’t get much coverage in schools. Many of us don’t learn about […]