Christmas Gifts Or Boxing Day Sales

Christmas Gifts Or Boxing Day Sales - Cigno Loans Australia

In ecommerce, retailers get their pre-Christmas run in until the cut off. Before Christmas even happens, they will kick off their post-Christmas / Boxing Day sales. For retailers, Christmas is effectively over once the pre-Christmas delivery cut off past. “We always try to err on the side of being a bit conservative and once we […]

Ways To Micro Invest Your Tax Return

Ways To Micro Invest Your Tax Return - Cigno Loans

What is micro-investing? With micro-investing, you invest small amounts of money to build an investment balance. If you constantly make small contributions over time, you can earn more — more than if your money is in a savings account. Say, with your debit card, you purchase something for $4.70. The total purchase amount is $5 […]

10 Easily Forgotten Expenses

10 Easily Forgotten Monthly Expenses - Cigno Loans

According to a study, it appears most Australians can’t tell the exact amount they spend on expenses. As a result, they usually forget to include some into their budget. The following are the easily forgotten expenses on a regular basis. 1. Annual physical We are supposed to have an annual physical and go to the […]

Salary Sacrifice: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Salary Sacrifice What Is It And How Does It Work - Cigno Loans

A salary sacrifice arrangement (salary packaging or total remuneration packaging) is an arrangement between employer and employee — the employee agrees to forgo part of his future entitlement to salary or wages. In return, the employer provides the employee with benefits of the same value. Salary sacrifice reduces your taxable income and the amount of […]