15 Inexpensive Things To Do With Friends

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We obviously stress the importance of being financially savvy, enough so to achieve your objectives, but you still have to have fun right? A same day loan isn’t meant for a night out clubbing with your friends, but hopefully you have put away a little nest egg which you can dip into from time to […]

When Budgeting Less Is More

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Money management is an art form, one that, some say, can only be learned through self-discipline. While that is true, we are still going to offer our two cents on clever and unique ways to budget. Once you have the knowledge at your disposal, you can then apply some self-discipline. Are you putting those spare […]

Australia’s Best Money Management Apps

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How do you manage your money? Do you manage your money at all? From writing down your expenses to setting up Excel spreadsheets, there are countless ways to stay on top of savings and spendings. But, we are in the digital age now. Everything is at our fingertips. More and more Australians are using money […]

How a Cash Advance Can Help You After a Disaster

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In 2017, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released a statement claiming that that nearly 1 out of every 3 Australian households was over-indebted. That number that has grown by 8% from 2003 – 2016. Being in debt is difficult on its own, but imagine being in debt when a natural disaster strikes. Earthquakes, floods, destructive winds, road […]

Common Requirements for Fast Cash Loans

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With more Australians than ever currently in debt, chances are that there have been a few times in your life when you just wish you could get your paycheck early. Maybe you need to make an important purchase. Perhaps you’ve been faced with unexpected medical challenges, are currently unable to work, or just need a little help […]

Where To Get A Personal Loan Fast?

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Where else but Cigno Loans? Cigno is an industry leader in responsible lending, providing various personal loan products designed to suit the needs of various people. There is no one loan fits all approach. We offer short-term cash advances of up to $1000. You may be wondering why you need to get a personal loan? The […]

Understanding Different Types Of Small Loans

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Small loans are used everywhere in the world in a number of applications. Find out more about what Cigno Quick & Fast Cash Loans can do for you. There’s some really helpful information on our website if you’re thinking about applying for a Loan. When money drama strikes, sometimes the only way to adhere to […]

The Top 5 Considerations When You Need Short Term Cash

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Perhaps your rent is a few days late, you have an emergency health bill to settle, or your car just broke down. To make things worse, your rainy day fund is dry and your current bank account is, well, the less we talk about it the better! You could wait for pay day, but it won’t come […]