Cheap Activities To Do These Holidays

Your kids will want to have fun these coming holidays, but the economy might not cooperate. Why don’t you have some fun activities to do that won’t break the bank at the same time?

Here are cheap and fun activities the family will love to do these holidays.

Make cards for Christmas

You can make cards with the kids to send out to relatives during the Christmas holiday.

Pick up items at a local park or the beach like shells, driftwood, or leaves and then glue it on the cards to personalise.

Camp out in your backyard

This won’t cost a thing if you already have a tent. If you don’t, you can just borrow from your friends or neighbours.

This is convenient for the kids as they can go back to their own bed if they don’t want to sleep in the tent.

Have a little campfire for a barbecue or cooking some hotdogs or smores. Let the kids help with the food to get them excited.

Plant a veggie patch

Start the fun with recycling. Find containers around the house that you can paint. These will serve as pots for planting the seeds.

You don’t need to have a garden for this, just make a small indoor nursery.

Plant something that’s fast-growing so kids can see the changes everyday.

Plan a dig or a treasure hunt

Give everyone a plastic spade for digging.

Bury a bunch of toys in the backyard.

Give the kids a treasure map for hidden clues around the house.

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Have an adventure with public transport

Take the kids on a train or bus adventure. Most kids find buses and trains lots of fun!

You can go down at some sites along the way, like a local art gallery or museum, a national park, or even a small farm. Your kids will have fun learning about local culture or do a simple bushwalk. Most farmers will be willing to give a short tour of the farm.

Enjoy the sights and you don’t even have to drive.

Movie day

Have a binge watch session by renting kiddie movies and preparing some popcorn.

Set up and lounge on the floor with pillows and doonas.

This is perfect if you don’t want to go out on a rainy day or when days are hotter than the sun. Just Netflix & chill.

Create salt dough ornaments

Bring out everyone’s creativity by making salt dough ornaments like figurines, letters, or animals.

Salt dough sculpting, painting, and threading will help develop fine motor skills.

Host a masquerade party

Have the kids make their own masks out of paper plates, paint, feathers, glitter, and elastic bands. Use costume store beads or macaroni or anything that can be used around the house to accessorise their costume.

To keep the memories alive, be sure to take pictures of these fun activities for scrapbooking.

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